Authority Site Update (June 13)

Here’s last months progress for my authority site:

An extremely late one this, and that’s because towards the end of June and all of July I have been working pretty hard in different areas of the site. However, I won’t get into that now, as I want to save that for an imminent post.

Let’s look at the stats for June then.

This Month Diff. to Last Month
Visits 4351 +669
New Visits 3241 +627
Return Visits 1110 +42
Visits from SE’s 3012 +479
Number of Keywords 1017 +84
Visits by Referral
455 +96
Page Views 12146 +1945
Avg. Time on Site 04:30 -1 sec
Bounce Rate 64.81% +0.71%

As you can see the traffic is continuing to go in the right direction, not by leaps and bounds, but the right direction nonetheless.

June saw me writing four pieces of content, aiming for a consistent one a week. While in the past I have attempted to write more than one a week, I think I’ve decided that one a week is a good interval for the type of content I write.

The vast majority of my content is very info heavy, so I feel that because of the large quantity of good information readers are getting from each of my posts each week, this is a good interval for readers and won’t have them feeling deprived.

eBook and Subscribers – Big Changes!

As I said at the beginning of last month, I had not long had my free ‘opt-in incentive’ eBook go live. Straight away I saw a boost in subscribers, going from about 6-8 a month, to 6-8 a week. At this point I was really chuffed, but what I didn’t realise is that there was so much more to go…

Back in the middle of June, I contacted Ian McConnell over at In My Home Office to ask for a little bit of advice, because while I am always working on my site, I felt I was lacking any sort of real direction, and I wasn’t sure what the future held (if there was one) for my site.

Well, it turns out the decision to contact Ian was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made since I started Internet Marketing. Ian agreed to give me a site critique, after which I got a wealth of information about how I can improve my site, as well as some much needed direction (that direction will be revealed in a post very soon).

Anyway, the critique brought me some brilliant advice on my opt-in funnel, which resulted in a complete overhaul of my banner that links to my opt-in squeeze page, and the squeeze page itself.

This has meant another boost in my opt-in rate. Before the changes I was seeing 0-2 sign ups a day, now I am seeing between 2-5 a day, and on one occasion had 6.

I’m told there’s more to go, but right now I’m very happy with the opt-in rate, and my list is growing quite nicely with minimal unsubscribes.

I’ve also set up an autoresponder sequence (currently sitting at about 60 messages) that directs subscribers to nearly all my previous content. This will be a good way to recirculate traffic back through my site.

The current interval is one a day, but I’ve had a couple of people say this is too much, so I’m undecided if I’ll keep it set to that interval. It’ll just be a case of keeping an eye on the unsubscribe rate.


Here’s what I earned from the site in June:

Ebay Partner Network : £91.75 / $141.14

Amazon Associates: £4.42 / $6.80

SportBikeShop: £17.3 / $26.61

Total: £113.47 / $174.55 (-£51.03 / -$78.50)

Feeling good…

With a portfolio of great content building up nicely, an email list building up just as nicely, and more and more contact from readers thanking me for putting the site together, I’m feeling very good about the future for this site. Even more so after I complete what I’m working on now…

Stay tuned for more info on what’s to come from Bike Track Days Hub.

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Authority Site Update (May 13)

Here is last months progress for my authority site:

Overall I’m pretty happy with how May has gone for my authority site.

Here’s what my traffic stats looked like for May 2013:

This Month Diff. to Last Month
Visits 3682 +578
New Visits 2614 +340
Return Visits 1068 +238
Visits from SE’s 2533 +637
Number of Keywords 933 +182
Visits by Referral
359 -202
Direct Visits 790 +143
Page Views 10201 +1747
Avg. Page Views 2.77 +0.05
Avg. Time on Site 04:31 +30secs
Avg. Time on Page 02:33 +13
Bounce Rate 64.10% +0.6%

Goings on in May

On a content creation front I waned a little last month. I usually aim to put up one article a week at the very least, but I only managed to get three up in total. However, there is a good reason for this.

eBook is live!

I made one big push in the first half of the month to complete my eBook for my newsletter. The eBook is titled “37 Tips to Become a Better Track Rider”, and essentially I have picked out 37 of the best track riding tips and put them into quick,bite sized chunks so people can learn from and implement them immediately. I was confident this would be something that my audience would appreciate.  I had pretty much completed the actual content side of it, but as I expected what comes after did take longer than I thought. Next I had to:

  • Proof read it (I probably did this about 50 times!)
  • Add links and pictures to it
  • Format it so it looked fancier than a bog standard Word doc
  • Create a front cover
  • Adjust the messages in my follow up emails
  • Create a dedicated sign up page (I will use this to send people to at the end of all my content)

All of which took me a good few days to sort out. I was having some formatting issues with my opt in box too which slowed me a little, but anyway, the eBook ended up going live on the 20th. Did I notice much difference? I’d say so, yes.

To give you an idea, in April I received a total of 7 sign ups to my newsletter. In the 12 days from the 20th to the 31st I received 15 sign ups. In fact, through both March and April I received 15 sign ups, which as you can see I managed in the last 12 days of May, so I’m pretty happy! I don’t really know how good these figures are, but if you had offered me an average of more than one sign up a day I would have bitten your hand off. I’m looking forward to seeing how I get on over the whole month of June.

Where I’m leaving traffic/money on the table

While I’m pretty happy with my search engine traffic and my email opt-in rate, where I’m falling down massively at the moment is in referrals. I know in myself that for a website like mine I should be getting more traffic from referral visits than I should SEs, and it’s my lack of effort on the social marketing front that is the culprit, which is something I intend to change in June. I will be sampling a social/link building tool in June that everyone is raving about, but I wont talk about it until I really have something to say.

I think part of the lack of effort in this area comes from a fear of rejection and people telling me “I haven’t got a clue what I’m talking about”, something that I’m going to need to get over if I plan on boosting my referral traffic. I’ve not once heard someone bad mouth my content, and I’ve had numerous emails thanking me for putting the site together, so I really need to just bite the bullet and start spreading the word. Safe to say at the end of June I hope to be looking at some much improved referral visit stats!


While earning money from the site is in my mind most of the time, I am by no means aggressively trying to make money at this stage. My content is made up of about 70% info articles and 30% product/affiliate articles. This ratio will change over time, but right now I want to build the site into a complete resource, nothing more. Anyway, here’s the site’s earnings for May:

Ebay Partner Network : £48.71 / $75.29

Google Adsense: £4.85 / $7.50

Amazon Associates: £0.58 / $0.90

SportBikeShop: £8 / $12.37

Total: £62.14 / $96.05 (-£22.52 / -$34.81)

I’m not too worried about the site’s earnings at this point for the reasons above, and while it in no way compensates me for the time I’ve put it, part of me feels good seeing a little bit of money coming in……even if it is only a tank of fuel for the car!

June Goals

In June I want to get more content on the site. Now the eBook is done and out the way I have no excuses on that front. I also want to concentrate a lot of my efforts on boosting the referral traffic for the site. As I said, I know it’s an area where I’m leaving traffic on the table. Other than that I won’t be doing a lot else for this site in June as there are some other things I want to concentrate on for my business.

Have you got an authority site? Tell me about it. As a newbie I’d love to hear your experiences!

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Moving On Up – Authority Site Update (April 13)

Quick one here just to give you the stats of my authority site for April.

As you can see it’s quite a green affair, and I put that down to the fact that the site has now been live for over a year and is getting some Google juice, but also because the track day/motorcycle season is in full swing now so there are more people looking for information on the subject.

As you may have seen in my last post, I had my first traffic spike last month due to a piece of content of mine that got shared around to a great response. This prompted not only an increase in referral traffic, but also the obtainment of quite a few links from motorcycle related sites. ‘Appy days!

Here’s how things looked in April.

Visits: 3104 (+1242)

New Visits: 2274 (+929)

Return Visits: 830 (+313)

Visits from SE’s: 1896 (+523)

Number of Keywords: 751 (+155)

Visits by Referral: 561 (+438)

Direct Visits: 647 (+281)

Avg. Page Views: 2.72 (-0.14)

Avg. Time on Site: 04:01 (-16sec)

Avg. Time on Page: 02:20 (+2sec)

Bounce Rate: 63.5% (+1.4%)


- Ebay Partner Network: £79.92 (+£55.84)

- Adsense: £1.29 (-£0.17)

- Amazon Associates: £3.45 (+£3.45)

- Total: £84.66 (+£44.62)

On the earnings front, I saw a sizable increase in earnings from EPN. This is because towards the end of the month I had a large increase in EPN (earnings per click), but as I expected my EPC leveled off and has now returned back to normal.

Obviously quite late into May to be giving an update so I’ll leave it there. I have had some goings on in May in relation to this site which I’m looking forward to seeing what effect they have, but more on that next month :)

Until next time.

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My First Traffic Spike!

Ok, it’s not huge, but it’s a spike nonetheless, so I’ll take it!

I’ve been dabbling with Google+ in recent weeks, joining communities, getting involved in the biker online space. Until this point though I had only posted my articles on my own page, so only people who had added me to their circles (or friends list) could see them.

With this one particular article though I knew it would be appreciated, and it was the article I was most proud of so I decided to share it directly within the community.

It didn’t get a huge reception on Google+, just a few reshares, a few +1′s and comments. The next day though when checking my stats I noticed a massive hike in traffic, all of which was extra referral traffic.

Traffic Spike


What had happened was that my article got shared through a number of different motorcycle forums and the traffic started flooding in (well flooding compared to previous numbers). On the 17th of April I received 7 unique visits from referral traffic. On the 18th I received 197. I think you’ll agree that’s quite a jump.

On top of that I’ve earned links from an ever growing list of popular motorcycling forums. I’m not sure what significance the links will have, but it’s better than a poke in the eye with a pointed stick eh?

This just highlights the importance of good content and what it can do for your business. I doubt any of my product based niche sites would see this sort of sharing, and while my main niche site (the only one I actually take notice of) is earning more than my authority site, I’ve not doubt that if I can continue to build a readership that enjoys my content I will easily surpass those niche site earnings, and create a more stable earnings platform in the process.

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Authority Site – One Year On

Well that went quick didn’t it? It feels like only yesterday I was submitting my site to the search engines and wondering what might come of it.

If truth be told, I had high expectation of how much and how quickly I would be earning from the site when I first started, but what (relatively) inexperienced newbie doesn’t?

Things have changed a lot in the last year or two in internet marketing. With the monumental changes that came to Google’s algorithms, the focus on how to make a successful site has shifted even more towards adding value to the internet and building an audience. Something that takes more time than I had first anticipated.

It feels good to have worked on this site for a whole year. Even though I started internet marketing at the tail end of 2009, I dipped in and out of it as I dealt with my bad procrastination and mind-set habits that always had me stalling. So to sit here and say I have worked on this site in some way week in and week out is a bit of a big deal for me, and while I’ve not yet reached the heights of some of the uber productive IM’ers out there, I’m still happy.

The stats

Usually I just post the previous months stats, but when looking at my spreadsheet it made me feel great to see what the site is doing today compared to what it did in its first month. Something you might be interested to see.






New Visits



Return Visits



Visits from SE’s



Number of Keywords



Visits by Referral



Direct Visits



Page Views



Avg. Page Views



Avg. Time on Site



Avg. Time on Page



Site Revenue



I know there are people that have achieved so much more in much less time, but again being what I would consider to be inexperienced, it feels good to look at these numbers and know they are all a result of what I have done myself sitting at my desk in my bedroom.

Not to mention the numerous emails I have had from people all over the world telling me how my content has helped them, as well as seeing the social figures creeping up and a steady newsletter sign ups. These are people that are subscribing to and sharing content I have written! It’s so damn satisfying.

March goings on

My main focus in March was to continue writing content and to get cracking with a free ebook for my newsletter. I took some advice from Perry over at SEO Sherpas and put together a real simple content strategy that I have been following. This has helped a lot when it comes to cracking on with the next piece of content.

I’ve also nearly completed the first draft of my ebook. I’ve come up with a good topic to write about that I think is going to go down really well with my audience, so I should see my sign up rate increase once that’s finished and live.

Last month I also had a dabble in the social networking space. Not on Facebook or Twitter though, I was getting my head around Google+. It’s a real nifty social site and I’m already building a bit of a following in the motorcycle community. This is something I will continue to put time into, though I have to be careful as it can be a time muncher as I do really enjoy the topic of discussion.

What I want to do in April.

Continue writing content, obviously. I would like to get my ebook finished and up, but I think the finalisation of it is going to take much longer than I think in my head, so if I can just get the actual content part finished I’d be happy.

Continue making inroads on Google+ and build up the interest from the motorcycle community.

YouTube is another area I’m looking to explore in the future. I do feel deep down that it is a real untapped resource for my niche, and that if I could get a good series of videos up around my topic I would see some great results. However, for now I wouldn’t mind just planning out some potential videos I can make just to get those juices flowing.

Well that’s about it. I’m not expecting huge things from April as I’m running the London marathon on the 21st so my main focus is my training, but with the fairly modest to do list I have set out I feel I can get it done.

Best of luck to you all for April.

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Devastating events. Tough times. Moving Forward.

My 2013 didn’t quite start in the flurry of work that I had envisaged when writing the previous post.

Our family was struck by the devastating loss of my mother at the beginning of January after her long fight with cancer. This obviously meant that my internet marketing efforts completely took a back seat, and with everything that follows an event like this, it made sure it stayed there.

It wasn’t until after the funeral at the start of February that we could start to rebuild our lives and try to get back to some sort of normality.

It was through February that I attempted to build my momentum back up and really get things moving again. If there’s anything the death of my beloved mum has taught me is that life might not quite pan out the way you want and in some cases be cut short, which has left me feeling more than ever that NOW is the time to make this internet dream a reality.

The state of play

Over December and January I saw a drop off in traffic on Bike Track Days Hub, but this was to be expected. Track days are very seasonal and there’s not a lot of them going on during winter in the UK.

In February though things looked more encouraging; I noticed a considerable boost in traffic over the previous two months, and after a quick check in webmaster tools I could see that impressions were up a good deal more, showing I had been given an injection of Google love, which has sustained through the whole month. Here are some brief stats for you:

Visits: 1191

New Visits: 957

Visits from SE’s: 915

Number of Keywords: 449

Avg. Page Views: 3.33

Avg. Time on Site: 04:19

Avg. Time on Page: 02:20

Bounce Rate: 62.13%


Ebay Partner Network: £21.72

Not figures that’ll set the world alight, but being that the season doesn’t really kick off until April I’m feeling good about the future.

What I’ve been doing

Content writing being a given, I’ve finally put together a content plan that will see me through to July, with a list of articles to write and their associated keywords already picked. This should mean a little less time thinking of stuff to write and researching it.

I’ve also started work on my first ebook which will be a free offer to act as an email list incentive. I’ve picked the topic and brainstormed and laid out the exact points I’m going to cover. All I need to do now is start writing it. I’m hoping to have that completed in a month or two. I feel confident once that’s in place I’ll see a marked improvement in sign-ups (currently about 1-2 p/month).

Next month

March will see me marching (see what I did there?!?!) on with my content strategy, continuing with work on my ebook, and also getting a bit more social and contacting other sites in my space to drum up some traffic, links and interest.

I’ve also thought about outsourcing some work for one of my dormant niche sites so I can start adding more content to it, but this isn’t a priority and something I’ll look at during whatever spare time I have.

Other than that it’s simply onwards and upwards for me. As much as the loss of my mum has devastated me and my family, she wouldn’t want me to sit around moping doing nothing with myself, so I’m not going to!

All the best to everyone in March.

Much love.

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How 2012 went. How 2013 is going to go.

Here I want to detail fairly briefly how I feel my 2012 has gone, as well as some of the steps I would like to see myself taking in 2013.

How 2012 Went…

As you may have read on my about page, my internet marketing efforts from then end of 2009 when I started, through to the end of 2011 were a very inconsistent affair.

The general gist was I would work for a good chunk of time, see that the results didn’t come quick enough, get despondent and the work rate would hit the flow (if not stop all together) for a little while – sometimes for months at a time. This went on for a good two years while I tried to bluff my way to affiliate marketing success.

At the start of 2012 I decided that a change needed to be made. I got serious about my presence on the internet and I had an urge to create something of value that people would be happy to find. I decided this partly because of the outlook of internet marketing at the time and the way it was headed, but I also wanted to be proud of what I had done and wanted to be able to say I made a difference to people’s lives.

Apart from creating this different type of site (authority site as it has now become known) my only real goal for 2012 was to be able to say that my head was in the game for the whole year. Whereas in years past I could have gone weeks, sometimes months without even thinking about internet marketing, for 2012 I wanted to be able to say that my head was well and truly in the game week in week out.

While I can admit my effort levels haven’t been at 100% the whole time, there has not been any period of time (except maybe holidays away) where I haven’t had my head either thinking, reading/learning about, or working on my internet marketing efforts.

So I feel I can comfortably say for 2012 I have achieved my goal.

What I want from 2013…

However, now’s not the time to start thinking of myself as some uber productive I.M. hero, far from it.

I have indeed stepped up a level from previous years, but I know I’m not where I want or need to be in order to make the life for myself that many dream of (and I’m not just talking about money).

For 2013 I want to take things more seriously, thinking of my actions as building the foundations of a business, looking for different ways to capture and keep people attention but also convert that attention into money, rather than just sporadically throwing up content and hoping for the best.

If I have to level my efforts of what I have done to make my main authority site a success – where 1 would be a spammy thin affiliate site and 10 would be Gamespot for example – I’d say I’m currently sitting at a 3.

I have many more pages than a spammy affiliate site, and if I do say so myself the vast majority of it is very useful and worthwhile information, but as I alluded to moments ago all I’ve done is throw content up and hope for the best.

I haven’t touched social networking, I haven’t made videos (something that would be useful in my niche), I haven’t created or started to create any products, I haven’t created an incentive for my email list, I haven’t networked with others in my space, I haven’t used the community I’m currently involved with to my advantage. These are some of the things I know I should be doing if I want to stand the best chance of making this site a success, but they are things I simply haven’t done, always thinking to myself “that’s something for the future”, when in reality it’s more a case of a multitude of limiting beliefs stopping me from doing them.

2013 is when I want this to change. I could well be pursuing the wrong niche and some of these things might not work, but until I have exhausted these avenues (among others I have in mind) then how can I ever really say this is the wrong niche. Just like the kid that says something is horrible before they’ve eaten it, the truth is you don’t know until you try.

So 2013 is my year of trying. This time next year I’ll either be sitting here saying “look at all these monies”, or I’ll be saying “Bike Track Days Hub didn’t work, but I gave it a good go.”

As a mini side project, I have a small affiliate site that promotes motorcycle leathers that was the first site I created when I got involved with affiliate marketing. Ironically my little “test the waters” site is actually the one that has made the most money out of all of my internet marketing efforts to date.

It is currently sitting at around 50 articles and hasn’t been touched since June 2011. However in August this year the site earned me £200 in commission (normally averaging between £60-£120 across the season) which got me thinking that maybe if I put a bit more time into the site and get some more content up, I can push this number higher up to help me reach my £1000 target I’ve been aiming for since I started.

I won’t expect a hell of a lot from this site, and it will be more of a test than anything else, but I would like to think with a bit more content and a tidy up I could see some gains in the commissions department.

So that’s me for the next year. It’s not going to be easy, but is anything worth having ever easy to obtain? Here’s to a great 2013 and a year of goals set and expectations met.

Good luck to everyone and I hope you too have a great 2013.

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Authority Site Update (November 2012)

Hey all,

There’s not going to be a whole lot to this update as not a lot has happened in the last 4 weeks. November seems to have flown by and if I’m honest there hasn’t been a whole lot done to the site to get me any closer to my goal (this is a problem I know I have, but I will go into more detail in my 2012 roundup coming soon).

So let’s dive right in to it…

Things that happened in November

My stats dropped off a little bit this month, but I expected it. Track days are a very seasonal activity here in the UK, with the bulk of the activity taking place between April and October. You can still get on a track day almost throughout the whole of winter, but they are few a far between and most people will be tucking their bikes up towards the end of October. For this reason I was fully expecting some sort of decrease in traffic. Here is November’s stats:

Visits: 919 (-114)

New Visits: 663 (-85)

Return Visits: 294 (+9)

Visits from SE’s: 627 (-120)

Number of Keywords: 312 (-66)

Visits by Referal: 120 (+9) (true referral traffic this time, woo!)

Direct Visits: 172 (-3)

Avg. Page Views: 3.08 (+0.04)

Avg. Time on Site: 04:19 (+3sec)

Avg. Time on Page: 02:04 (-1sec)

Bounce Rate: 66.49% (+2.99%)


- Ebay Partner Network: £11.55 (+£1.27)

- Adsense: £3.22 (+£0.26)

- Amazon Associates: £1.32 (-£0.60)

- Total: £16.09 (+£0.93)

As you can see the numbers have tapered off a bit, the biggest hit coming from the Search Engines. My theory is people aren’t going to as many (if any) track days so they’re not as focused on the subject and so don’t have as big a need for information on it, hence the lesser number of searches.

Something encouraging though is that direct traffic stayed largely the same and referral traffic actually increased, effectively by more than shows above too as last month 50% of referral traffic came from Sunil’s blog, whereas this month I only had 5 visits from Extra Money Blog and about 60% from forums related to my niche. It’s encouraging because I can see that in the future when I’m getting more referrals and my email list is bigger, I can live safe in the knowledge that my traffic won’t completely dry up in the winter months.

The on going bounce rate issue is still on going…..sigh. As you can see above my bounce rate actually went up this month, BUT on a brighter note it seems the mobile version of the site did make a difference with mobile traffic bounce rate going from 72% down to 68%. For some reason though the bounce rate across all traffic has gone up, so there’s more that needs to be done clearly.

I had another few people contact me to give me feedback on the site, basically telling me how helpful they find my content and they’re happy a site like this has been made (there’s nothing else like it at the time of writing). Two people contacted me as a result of content they had received by email, whereas the third person used the contact form. I think this is great because he obviously had a big urge to get in touch where the others would have been prompted in the emails. I wasn’t sure how I would feel about emails like this after the first, but I can honestly say each one feels as good as the last. Keep em coming, world.

What I want to do in December

I could pretty much copy and paste this from last month really. As I said at the start I haven’t got a whole lot done this month with regards to my site and I know it’s a problem.

I’ve definitely got some productivity issues I need to get ironed out. I seem to be able to waste obscene amounts of time and not really get a lot done. At the moment I feel it’s a lack of time management/planning that’s letting me down. I sit down with the mentality that it’s time to work, but without a plan to follow I just seem to do very little. I know it’s in me because I absolutely crushed it in October, I just need a system to bring that part out of me on a monthly basis.

So apart from doing what I should have done in November, I want to get myself into a system of planning and working that gets results and doesn’t end up wasting a multitude of hours and days on diddly squat. Any advice GLADLY welcome.

With that then, I’d best great cracking.

Good luck for December all.

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That’s more like it!

Authority Site Update (October 2012)

Smiling Cat
If you read my end of September Authority Site update, you’ll know that things weren’t all to rosie when looking at the previous month’s stats, mainly due to a lack of effort in late August into September. However with all guns blazing going into October I was certain things were going to be looking better come the end of the month. Thankfully I can say they are!

Things that happened in October

As you’ll see below the stats for October took a nice healthy jump up in a lot of areas, and considering a lot of the figures actually fell from August to September, it was a very welcome sight to see the site’s figures show their biggest jump since it was first launched. Here’s October’s stats:

Visits: 1033 (+315)

New Visits: 748 (+260)

Return Visits: 285 (+55)

Visits from SE’s: 747 (+236)

Number of Keywords: 378 (+127)

Visits by Referal: 111 (+11) – about 50% from Sunil’s blog

Direct Visits: 175 (+75)

Avg. Page Views: 3.04 (-0.64)

Avg. Time on Site: 04:16 (-15sec)

Avg. Time on Page: 02:05 (+5sec)

Bounce Rate: 63.50% (-0.15%)


- Ebay Partner Network: £10.28 (+£4.54)

- Adsense: £2.96 (+£1.78)

- Amazon Associates: £1.92 (+£1.92)

- Total: £15.16 (+£8.24)

Though I’m not setting the world alight with these figures, I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t pretty pleased given how things looked a month ago.

I would like to say that the jump in stats was a result of my high effort levels through the month, but I would actually put the majority of it down to Google. I experienced a bit of a sudden jump in rankings in early October and I noticed my main keyword jumped from around page 20 (where it had been for weeks and weeks) up to around page 7, sometimes as high as page 5. While I only really monitor where I am in the SERPs for my main keyword, I would think it highly likely this jump in keyword ranking is site wide, hence the ‘sizeable’ increase in traffic.

Looking through the referal traffic from last month I can see that I got a small number of biking forums linking to my site, and looking at the ones I can get onto without signing up I can see they’re recommending that people read my material. In some instances people have taken my advice as being the “proper” way of doing things, proof that I am indeed seen as an authority. What a great feeling!

What I want to do in November

In my last report I mentioned I wanted continued effort to bring my bounce rate down, and when looking at the stats towards the end of October I realized that my highest bouncing traffic was coming from mobile devices, with a rate of 72%+. That’s huge.

It’s hard to say right now, but I’m guessing it’s either readers are finding it difficult to read and navigate the site on their phones, or it’s taking too long to load the site over mobile networks. Either way, with a third of my traffic coming in on a mobile device it was clear something had to be done.

I set this goal at the start of November, but I actually finished work on the mobile version of the site last night and I’m pretty happy with how mk1 is looking. Now it’s just a case waiting to see if/how this affects my mobile traffic.

Something else I want to do is make a start on an ebook, but not one to sell. My original plan was to have this ebook (motorcycle suspension tuning) as a product to sell, but I really feel like I need a better incentive for people to subscribe to the site so I’ve decided to write it as a free ebook.

It’s a tough subject to learn so I’m going in at a kind of ‘suspension tuning for dummies’ angle which I think will be very appealing to the community.

Other than that for November it’s once again a case of knocking out content. Like I said in my previous report I put together a massive content list with keywords already researched and it worked a treat. I got a nice healthy dose of content written, more than I’ve ever managed in previous months.

November will be much the same and simply a case of continuing through my content list and getting more pages up.

That’s about it for this report. While I know I can’t pass on any wide words of wisdom, I hope you still find something beneficial from it, if nothing else other than seeing someone going through the same experience as you.

All the best to you all of November.


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This, makes it worth it!

Knee Down Just a quick one to show people what comes from putting in the effort and creating great content. Again like my post last month about a couple of feel good moments, I had another one a couple of days ago that made me feel so good I just had to share this too (with consent obviously). It involves my newsletter.

Now my newsletter consists of four main follow up emails that basically points them to four bits of content I have created on my site that I felt would most benefit newcomers to my niche if they read them. I will admit though that it wasn’t really made clear that all I would be doing is showing them content on the site already.

Anyway, a few days back I had a notification from Aweber to say one of my very few subscribers (the second of the two in fact) had unsubscribed from my newsletter, but this gentleman very kindly decided to give feedback. It said:

“Your information is very useful. However as it’s available from you website I don’t feel the need to duplicate it via email.”

At first I got all defensive, but then I felt pleased that this guy had taken the time to give me feedback, something that I imagine not a lot of people would bother with. So I emailed the guy back thanking him for his feedback and how much I appreciated it, and also offered the chance to give more feedback on the site, be it good or bad. This is what I got:

“Hi Dan.
I stumbled across your website searching for ‘Kneedown’
I’m one of those sad 47 year olds who search the web looking for the magical answer to achieve the ‘Holy Grail’.
What has dawned on me after reading through your riding tips is that kneedown is the result of good technique and speed.
I think your website is excellent. The information you give is written in a clear, concise manner. I’ve read similar literature before but yours seems to have hit home.
I don’t know if things have just ‘clicked’ for me or if it’s truly a result of your website. Either way, great site. (love your hyperlinks)
All the best and hope you get rich one day.

To say this made me happy is an understatement, I was grinning from ear to ear for about an hour! To get recognition like this for something I had written AND for it to be helping people discover something they couldn’t before is an awesome feeling.

Just as a quick note, knee down is what a lot of bikers strive for when riding sports bikes. It’s the act of scraping your knee across the ground when going round a corner, hence the picture.

What a massive motivation boost that was, for me anyway. A further indicator of what great content can do for people.

More of that please!

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