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Knee Down Just a quick one to show people what comes from putting in the effort and creating great content. Again like my post last month about a couple of feel good moments, I had another one a couple of days ago that made me feel so good I just had to share this too (with consent obviously). It involves my newsletter.

Now my newsletter consists of four main follow up emails that basically points them to four bits of content I have created on my site that I felt would most benefit newcomers to my niche if they read them. I will admit though that it wasn’t really made clear that all I would be doing is showing them content on the site already.

Anyway, a few days back I had a notification from Aweber to say one of my very few subscribers (the second of the two in fact) had unsubscribed from my newsletter, but this gentleman very kindly decided to give feedback. It said:

“Your information is very useful. However as it’s available from you website I don’t feel the need to duplicate it via email.”

At first I got all defensive, but then I felt pleased that this guy had taken the time to give me feedback, something that I imagine not a lot of people would bother with. So I emailed the guy back thanking him for his feedback and how much I appreciated it, and also offered the chance to give more feedback on the site, be it good or bad. This is what I got:

“Hi Dan.
I stumbled across your website searching for ‘Kneedown’
I’m one of those sad 47 year olds who search the web looking for the magical answer to achieve the ‘Holy Grail’.
What has dawned on me after reading through your riding tips is that kneedown is the result of good technique and speed.
I think your website is excellent. The information you give is written in a clear, concise manner. I’ve read similar literature before but yours seems to have hit home.
I don’t know if things have just ‘clicked’ for me or if it’s truly a result of your website. Either way, great site. (love your hyperlinks)
All the best and hope you get rich one day.

To say this made me happy is an understatement, I was grinning from ear to ear for about an hour! To get recognition like this for something I had written AND for it to be helping people discover something they couldn’t before is an awesome feeling.

Just as a quick note, knee down is what a lot of bikers strive for when riding sports bikes. It’s the act of scraping your knee across the ground when going round a corner, hence the picture.

What a massive motivation boost that was, for me anyway. A further indicator of what great content can do for people.

More of that please!

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