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Authority Site Update (October 2012)

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If you read my end of September Authority Site update, you’ll know that things weren’t all to rosie when looking at the previous month’s stats, mainly due to a lack of effort in late August into September. However with all guns blazing going into October I was certain things were going to be looking better come the end of the month. Thankfully I can say they are!

Things that happened in October

As you’ll see below the stats for October took a nice healthy jump up in a lot of areas, and considering a lot of the figures actually fell from August to September, it was a very welcome sight to see the site’s figures show their biggest jump since it was first launched. Here’s October’s stats:

Visits: 1033 (+315)

New Visits: 748 (+260)

Return Visits: 285 (+55)

Visits from SE’s: 747 (+236)

Number of Keywords: 378 (+127)

Visits by Referal: 111 (+11) – about 50% from Sunil’s blog

Direct Visits: 175 (+75)

Avg. Page Views: 3.04 (-0.64)

Avg. Time on Site: 04:16 (-15sec)

Avg. Time on Page: 02:05 (+5sec)

Bounce Rate: 63.50% (-0.15%)


- Ebay Partner Network: £10.28 (+£4.54)

- Adsense: £2.96 (+£1.78)

- Amazon Associates: £1.92 (+£1.92)

- Total: £15.16 (+£8.24)

Though I’m not setting the world alight with these figures, I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t pretty pleased given how things looked a month ago.

I would like to say that the jump in stats was a result of my high effort levels through the month, but I would actually put the majority of it down to Google. I experienced a bit of a sudden jump in rankings in early October and I noticed my main keyword jumped from around page 20 (where it had been for weeks and weeks) up to around page 7, sometimes as high as page 5. While I only really monitor where I am in the SERPs for my main keyword, I would think it highly likely this jump in keyword ranking is site wide, hence the ‘sizeable’ increase in traffic.

Looking through the referal traffic from last month I can see that I got a small number of biking forums linking to my site, and looking at the ones I can get onto without signing up I can see they’re recommending that people read my material. In some instances people have taken my advice as being the “proper” way of doing things, proof that I am indeed seen as an authority. What a great feeling!

What I want to do in November

In my last report I mentioned I wanted continued effort to bring my bounce rate down, and when looking at the stats towards the end of October I realized that my highest bouncing traffic was coming from mobile devices, with a rate of 72%+. That’s huge.

It’s hard to say right now, but I’m guessing it’s either readers are finding it difficult to read and navigate the site on their phones, or it’s taking too long to load the site over mobile networks. Either way, with a third of my traffic coming in on a mobile device it was clear something had to be done.

I set this goal at the start of November, but I actually finished work on the mobile version of the site last night and I’m pretty happy with how mk1 is looking. Now it’s just a case waiting to see if/how this affects my mobile traffic.

Something else I want to do is make a start on an ebook, but not one to sell. My original plan was to have this ebook (motorcycle suspension tuning) as a product to sell, but I really feel like I need a better incentive for people to subscribe to the site so I’ve decided to write it as a free ebook.

It’s a tough subject to learn so I’m going in at a kind of ‘suspension tuning for dummies’ angle which I think will be very appealing to the community.

Other than that for November it’s once again a case of knocking out content. Like I said in my previous report I put together a massive content list with keywords already researched and it worked a treat. I got a nice healthy dose of content written, more than I’ve ever managed in previous months.

November will be much the same and simply a case of continuing through my content list and getting more pages up.

That’s about it for this report. While I know I can’t pass on any wide words of wisdom, I hope you still find something beneficial from it, if nothing else other than seeing someone going through the same experience as you.

All the best to you all of November.


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