Progress & Income Report: March 2014

At the end of February I suffered a temporary setback when Aweber was hit by a DDoS attack, spoiling my plans to have Track Rider Training launched by 28th Feb.

No matter. I would just push it back a week.

The extra week actually helped me in the end because it meant I could tweak my pre-launch material.

Importance of Pre-Launch

When I say pre-launch, I mean the week when you only reveal the site to you subscribers, in a sort of VIP launch phase.

Even before the first day of the launch week I was warming up my subscribers and getting them excited. I did this through a three day story which touched on all the pain points that riders experience when trying to improve.

I made sure I tapped into every emotion that I had felt as I was trying to improve. The pain, frustration, joy and satisfaction to really reach them on a personal level.

It worked a treat and I had numerous emails over the three days with people telling me how much my story sounded just like them.

I was engaging people, and they were excited.

The day came when I actually opened the doors, and over the first two days I had 12 people sign up. A few days later I sent out another email reminding people and I had a few more, then on the final day of the VIP launch I had another few after one final email.

In the end I had 20 people sign up.

With my list being fairly small, of the 35% of people on my list that clicked through to the sales page, 5% of those people signed up.

While the amount of sign ups isn’t huge, I like the percentages, and it gives me a good based to work from.

After chatting through my results with Ian McConnell from In My Home Office, I am confident I can really make a success of this.

Priority number one is to get more traffic through the sales funnel to test and tweak it, then when it’s somewhere close to where I want it to be I will look to put as much traffic through it as I can through PPC and affiliate partners.

Exciting times ahead for Track Rider Training!

Nothing to tell you about Bike Track Days Hub. As you can imagine my focus has been 100% on TRT, but like I said once that’s settled and I’m happy with how it’s going I’ll look to implement a Facebook strategy, because that is going to act as a great feeder for the TRT machine.

Business Income

With the membership site launching, I was confident I would see higher figures than previous months. Let’s see what happened.

BTDH Earnings:

Affiliate Income – $427.71 (+$177.83)

eBook Sales – $383.54 (+$94.85)

BTDH Total – $811.25 (+$272.68)

TRT Earnings:

New Members: $309.29

Clothing Niche Site

Affiliate Revenue: $0 (-$0)

Gross Income - $1,120.54

Expenses – $96.31

Net Income – $1024.23 (+$663.65)

Now we’re getting somewhere!

A healthy boost in all areas. Added to that is my new income stream, so things are looking better.

Being a UK lad, my first income target has always been £1000, but to see four figures, even if it is in dollars, still feels totally awesome!

It’s still far away from where I want to be long term, but it just fills me with belief that I can make this internet marketing thing work for me.

And knowing that I’ve only just scratched the surface brings yet more excitement.

But this is no time to rest on my laurels. Launching the membership site was just the beginning. You may even call it the easy bit.

Now it’s about constant testing and tweaking to get more and more customers on the inside, all the while keeping my current members happy by keeping the quality of content high.

If I can do that, then my earnings should continue to rise and rise. And hopefully rise some more!

Let’s get to work.


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