Progress & Income Report: February 2014

At the start of February I had one clear goal.

I would open the doors to my training course no later than the 28th February!

And when I say training course, I mean Track Rider Training, which is the name I decided on.

I wrote it down on my calendar and I went to work.

I had a (long) list of things I needed to get done, and one by one, little by little I got them done.

I wanted this monkey off my back and to complete something I should have completed weeks/months previously.

I got the content completed in good time. I had all four weeks done and proof read, ready to be uploaded onto the site once I got it up and running.

Each new stage threw up another reason for my limiting beliefs to kick in. There’s a lot more that goes into setting up a membership site than you would imagine.

Setting up wordpress, installing a membership suite, configuring it, setting up and autoresponder to deliver the content, payment processors, pre-launch copy, launch copy, sales letters, squeeze pages etc etc.

To look at a list of things that needed doing as long as my arm certainly didn’t help with my typically nature of procrastination.

But as we know, the best way to eat an elephant is one bite as a time. So that’s what I did. At least one thing each day to move me closer to getting the doors open.

And come the end of the month I had everything ready to go. Site set up and configured, Aweber set up to deliver the content, Clickbank to deal with payments. I was ready.

Then, on the VERY DAY I was due to send out the pre-launch material, Aweber had a DDoS attack, rendering it unusable for the next 3 days!

At first, I was gutted. I had missed my target.

But then the more I thought about it, the more I was fine with it. Because I set the date it meant I got to work and got things done. And it wasn’t even my fault anyway. I missed the date, but it was because of a technical difficulty.

So the launch was postponed a week. But that story will have to wait until next month ;)

Bike Track Days Hub News

While I was once again working away at getting Track Rider Training all set up towards the end of the month, I noticed the frequency of subscribers increasing considerably.

At times I was getting subscribers every few minutes!

I headed straight over to Anayltics to see if it would give me some clue as to what was going on. I was surprised at what I found.

SpikeA big traffic spike!

Upon closer inspection, I could see that one of my posts had been shared on Facebook by a popular manufacturer of motorcycle tyre warmers.

This then prompted a massive sharing frenzie which lead to the above traffic spike.

Facebook is not something I have actively pursued, even though I knew it was something I needed to get involved with.

This was a massive kick up the arse, and as soon as Track Rider Training is launched and stable, I will be devising a Facebook strategy for my business.

Business Income

So that’s about it for February. Let’s look at what it meant for my bottom line.

BTDH Earnings:

Affiliate Income – $249.88 (-$97.83)

eBook Sales – $288.69 (+$92.21)

BTDH Total – $538.57 (-$15.69)

Clothing Niche Site

Affiliate Revenue: $0 (-$0)

Gross Income - $538.57

Expenses – $177.99

Net Income – $360.58 (-$154.98)

As you can see, the gross income wasn’t too far off last month.

Affiliate earnings dropped back down, but due to a boost in eBook sales in meant things stayed roughly where they were last month.

However, I had more expenses in February, due mainly in part to things I needed in order to set up Track Rider Training. Plus I had a couple of domain renewals too.

All in all I’m happy that for another month where I did little to increase income, it stayed largely the same.

And with my training course on the horizon, I’m confident things will go in the direction I want!

Bring it on!


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