Progress & Income Report: December 2013

This update will be quite brief, mainly because there wasn’t an awful lot going on in December to comment about. Nevertheless, here’s what went on in December.

Bike Track Days Hub (Authority Site)

The reason there’s not a lot to comment about is because, quite simply, I didn’t do an awful lot.

My main focus is very much getting the doors open to my membership course, which is where most of the time spent in my business went last month. In fact, pretty much everything I did, apart from the odd bit of site content, went towards that goal.

Even so, I didn’t get too much done.

The content is taking me longer to put together than I anticipated, and all the time I’m tweaking how I’m going to position the different topics throughout the course to make it easier to follow.

Also, given the fact that you can get fantastic paper based guides for a lot less, I feel in myself that I really need to justify why mine is going to cost more (being a monthly subscription) and so I’m trying to make the content truly great and something riders can really benefit from.

That coupled with the somewhat mediocre motivation levels around Christmas meant things came along slowly.

Progress, however, was still made and I still went in the right direction.

Business Income

That’s about as much as I’ve done in December. Let’s have a look at my business income.

At this point it’s worth mentioning that for most of the people around the world that take part in track days, these months are the slowest. In the UK for example, while track days do continue, they are few and far between, and people generally avoid winter months because it’s just too bloody cold.

Having said that, I was pleasantly surprised by my site performance and income.

BTDH Revenue:

Affiliate Income – $148.45 (-$68.41)

eBook Sales – $157.0 (-$58.99)

BTDH Total – $305.45 (-$127.41)

Clothing Niche Site

Affiliate Revenue: $16.6 (-$59.28)

Total Business Revenue - $322.05 (-$186.75)

As you can see the figures have generally gone in the wrong direction, but to be honest I expected it to be worse. I still sold 7 eBooks in a month where I wouldn’t have expected to.

As for me and my motivation levels? I can safely say I’m back on track.

At the turn of the year I once again started to focus on the things that really motivate me and I have been moving full steam ahead.

By the end of January I plan to be in a position with my membership course that is somewhere close to opening.

Let’s make it happen!


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