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Bike Track Days HubAs you may have read on my about page, the effort I’ve put into my online business hasn’t been at the highest level, and while this year I’ve made strides with my mindset and the way I work there’s still a little more to go. When I saw Sunil and Eric had set about organising an Authority Site Duel with an open invitation, I felt this was a prime opportunity for a virtual kick up the backside.

So this is my introduction for the Authority Site Duel.

My site

The site I will be using for this duel is Bike Track Days Hub. It’s a site I started working on not long into 2012 with the intention of making it a complete resource for both new and existing participants in bike track days. I myself take part in bike track days so I have a lot of personal experience in this activity, but I also have a lot to learn (which will double up as content for my readers), so after some extensive keyword research I decided this was going to be my topic.

The current state

The site was submitted to the search engines in April and was indexed on the 7th, making the site just over 5 months old according to the SEs. Up till now all I have concentrated on is writing content for the site (I’ve written 35 high quality pieces of content) and haven’t really touched social marketing yet, or any link building because of the current issues revolving around this area.

I have made no attempts at monetising the site yet and would prefer to have some healthy traffic figures before I do that. The site had 724 visitors in August (84% from SEs). I have got the Adsense bar on the right as well as a couple of affiliate links and ebay partner network links dotted around where I feel they fit nicely, but again these are not true attempts to monetise the site. The site made £9.33 in the month of August. CHING CHING!

Concerns and Potential

I must admit I have naturally had concerns in these early stages that I may not have picked a good niche as it’s not really a common, competitive niche, but having done the keyword research and knowing first hand of the wide variety of subjects I can cover that people are looking for based on the forums I frequent, it makes me feel that this is a good project to pursue. The fact that there is nothing like it on the web (like Pat’s Security Guard Training HQ) could go one of two ways; it could fall on its face because it’s just not needed, or it could end up being the one and only resource people go to for everything bike track days. Time will tell.


Short term I just want to continue putting at least one high quality article/guide up a week, as well as setting up an email opt in on the site. I also want to research the ideas I’ve had for ebooks and maybe pick one that I will start to pursue in the coming months.

Long term I hope to have an ebook or two on the site, as well as other ways of monetising the site like directories and maybe lead generation agreements with some of the track day organisers. I’ve also had the idea of a classifieds section for people who wish to buy and sell anything related to bike track days. This could be a great way to monetise the site, but I need to look further into how it would need to be set up and how to get people posting items on there in the first place.

Time to get busy

This intro was a bit longer than I anticipated, but that just about covers it. I’ll be putting updates for the progress of the site up here for everyone to see and hopefully learn from. Now it’s time to get busy, those visitor figures won’t raise themselves you know.

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4 comments on “Pistols at Dawn – Authority Site Duel
  1. Joe says:

    Good luck with the duel and good luck with the site.

    I was tempted to join in but chickened out!

    I really like your site and its made me tempted to one day give a track day a go!

    I hope it does well!

    • Dan says:

      Thanks for the compliments. I’m quite proud of the look at feel of the site, just need the traffic figures then I’ll be dandy.

      As for track days, if you’re ever in the UK (not sure where you are these days) and fancy one, give me a shout and I’ll help you out with anything you need. Can even jump on my bike for a go if you like :)

  2. Dan

    Your site definitely looks great…very much like an authority site! I am wanting to make improvements to my authority sites look and yours is definitely a good model to learn from.

    • Dan says:

      I can’t take all the credit Jon, I found a great template that I really didn’t have to do much to, just create my own logo and throw a few images around, that’s about it.

      If you’re interested, the site was made using Joomla.

      Thanks for the compliment all the same!

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