My First Traffic Spike!

Ok, it’s not huge, but it’s a spike nonetheless, so I’ll take it!

I’ve been dabbling with Google+ in recent weeks, joining communities, getting involved in the biker online space. Until this point though I had only posted my articles on my own page, so only people who had added me to their circles (or friends list) could see them.

With this one particular article though I knew it would be appreciated, and it was the article I was most proud of so I decided to share it directly within the community.

It didn’t get a huge reception on Google+, just a few reshares, a few +1′s and comments. The next day though when checking my stats I noticed a massive hike in traffic, all of which was extra referral traffic.

Traffic Spike


What had happened was that my article got shared through a number of different motorcycle forums and the traffic started flooding in (well flooding compared to previous numbers). On the 17th of April I received 7 unique visits from referral traffic. On the 18th I received 197. I think you’ll agree that’s quite a jump.

On top of that I’ve earned links from an ever growing list of popular motorcycling forums. I’m not sure what significance the links will have, but it’s better than a poke in the eye with a pointed stick eh?

This just highlights the importance of good content and what it can do for your business. I doubt any of my product based niche sites would see this sort of sharing, and while my main niche site (the only one I actually take notice of) is earning more than my authority site, I’ve not doubt that if I can continue to build a readership that enjoys my content I will easily surpass those niche site earnings, and create a more stable earnings platform in the process.

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