Moving On Up – Authority Site Update (April 13)

Quick one here just to give you the stats of my authority site for April.

As you can see it’s quite a green affair, and I put that down to the fact that the site has now been live for over a year and is getting some Google juice, but also because the track day/motorcycle season is in full swing now so there are more people looking for information on the subject.

As you may have seen in my last post, I had my first traffic spike last month due to a piece of content of mine that got shared around to a great response. This prompted not only an increase in referral traffic, but also the obtainment of quite a few links from motorcycle related sites. ‘Appy days!

Here’s how things looked in April.

Visits: 3104 (+1242)

New Visits: 2274 (+929)

Return Visits: 830 (+313)

Visits from SE’s: 1896 (+523)

Number of Keywords: 751 (+155)

Visits by Referral: 561 (+438)

Direct Visits: 647 (+281)

Avg. Page Views: 2.72 (-0.14)

Avg. Time on Site: 04:01 (-16sec)

Avg. Time on Page: 02:20 (+2sec)

Bounce Rate: 63.5% (+1.4%)


- Ebay Partner Network: £79.92 (+£55.84)

- Adsense: £1.29 (-£0.17)

- Amazon Associates: £3.45 (+£3.45)

- Total: £84.66 (+£44.62)

On the earnings front, I saw a sizable increase in earnings from EPN. This is because towards the end of the month I had a large increase in EPN (earnings per click), but as I expected my EPC leveled off and has now returned back to normal.

Obviously quite late into May to be giving an update so I’ll leave it there. I have had some goings on in May in relation to this site which I’m looking forward to seeing what effect they have, but more on that next month :)

Until next time.

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