I’ve released my first product!


My last authority site update told that in recent weeks my attention had been solely fixed on getting my product to market. I can happily say that as of the 7th August, the product went live!

It’s crazy to think that only about 8 weeks ago, my the view on my site was vastly different, and the thought of creating a product wouldn’t come until way into the future. To be honest with you, I wasn’t feeling that great about the future of my site, not so much that nothing was happening (traffic was increasing, as was the number of thankful emails) but I just couldn’t see where I was going to make the breakthrough that was big enough to allow me to quit my full-time job.

Fast forward to today, and my feelings towards the site have gone completely 180. After some encouragement and accountability from a very prolific internet marketer, things started to happen (both physically and mentally) and I can now say that I have put my first product to market…..and it wasn’t that hard!

I’ve covered it already in previous posts, but just to give you an overview, the product is called The Ultimate Track Day Guide and it is exactly that. There is no resource like mine anywhere on the web (or in print) and being that the guide is basically a vast array of my site content packaged up into one complete guide, I feel that the title is very fitting.

It took me a good few weeks to write out what I would include, put it in order, get it into one complete document, format it and proof read it, but now that it’s done, that’s it! Those few weeks work will now earn me money for years to come, the epitome of what internet marketing is all about – Put in the work now, benefit for weeks, months, years to come.

So come on……how many sales?

Don’t expect any ‘Pat Flynn Green Exam Academy’ numbers here. I didn’t earn thousands on the first day. In fact, on the first day I didn’t earn anything at all! I can say though that in the first week I have made 8 sales, which at £19.95 a sale makes £159.60. That is already £30 more than I earned in the whole of July. Nothing major, but it feels great nonetheless!

I said just before it went live that for the first month (or rather, the rest of August) I would be happy with 10 sales, and with 16 days left to achieve 2 sales, I think it should be doable ;)

Keep an eye out for next month income report for the full picture.

Moving Forward

So, the product is now live, and my sales funnel in place. One of the first things I’m going to need to do is start bringing more traffic to the site. My newsletter (which is part of the sales funnel) and product funnel are in fairly good state regarding conversions (there’s definitely room to improve), so in theory if I can just bring more targeted traffic to the site I will get more sign ups and more sales.

Traffic generation efforts is something that has been massively lacking since the site’s conception, but that is about to change, because I now have a very real reason to get people to the site, and that is to buy my product. In the coming days I will be putting together a traffic building strategy that I want to implement as soon as possible to increase traffic and sales.

Another area that needs looking into (which will be worked on as part of the traffic building exercise) is to set up an affiliate scheme for my product. Luckily E-Junkie has a built in service for this, so it will just be a case of setting it up and pointing people towards it, all the while giving them compelling reasons to sign up.

There is just one area that concerns me still about my site, and that’s the off-season. Right now we’re at the peak of the track day season in the UK, which starts to taper off come the end of September, so it will be interesting to see what happens around this time. I do get a lot of international traffic, but largely it comes from inside the UK as you would expect.

Is this something you could do?

Do you have a site filled with information that helps readers in any way? Could this information be packaged up and placed into an all-in-one, convenient guide that new people would benefit from? Take it from me, if you’re providing a wealth of free information, there will be people that want to pay you for it. Give them a reason and a way to do that and watch what happens!

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