It’s the little things

With this being my first stab at creating a website that adds value to the internet and people’s lives and with the site still being in its infancy, it’s fair to say this is a pretty new experience for me even though I’ve made a number of sites in the past.

Very recently I had two ‘feel good’ moments that might not mean much to the uber experienced internet marketer, but to me it was just a little reminder to Keep Calm and Carry On. Not only that but it gave me huge satisfaction and had me grinning from ear to ear.

The first came from one of my multiple Google Analytics visits (I really must kerb that horrible habit) when I noticed I had a small spike in referral traffic over a couple of days, and after doing a little bit of delving I found this biker forum in the US that had linked to one of the articles on my site that he recommended reading, after which he then went on to say my site has “a lot of other good information”.

It was a great feeling and something I’ve never seen before from the affiliate sites of old I used to create.

My second feel good moment came after I had gone through the (longer than I thought) process of setting up my email list with Aweber. I wanted to get my email list up as soon as possible so I didn’t spend the time creating an eBook as an incentive, but I did use four articles on my site that I created introductions to for my follow up emails that my autoresponder would send out (7 days apart), plus I put in a fifth email basically thanking them for joining and asking what would you like to see next.

The task was a lot more long winded than I first imagined, and even after I had spent hours getting my follow up emails put together and creating the confirmation pages on my site I then had to get my head around Aweber which took a further few hours.

Anyway…..after all that and once I’d finally got Aweber set up and a web form on my site, within 24 hours I had my first sign up to my newsletter (I didn’t think I should count my girlfriend’s, dad’s and dad’s mate’s sign ups). Another moment that had me grinning from ear to ear!

As I said, both these things might seem trivial to a lot of people, but it had me feeling majorly pumped and good about the work I’ve put in so far. Quite obviously it doesn’t end here though. Much more to do.

Anyone else experienced in little wins recently?

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2 comments on “It’s the little things
  1. Joe says:

    That is great!

    The first one shows how much more value we/you are giving to the web than writing random niche sites on washing machine covers or inflatable arm chairs. Getting a genuine link from a genuine reader is a great thing!

    AS for the second, I’ve finally setup Aweber but not got any signup yet.

    No little wins for me recently though I’m afraid.

  2. Dan says:

    My first and so far only signup Joe. Though I’m more than confident they’ll be more in the future when the traffic ball really gets rolling.

    Fingers crossed.

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