Progress & Income Report: August 2013

Here’s what went down in August…

Bike Track Days Hub (Authority Site)


As you may have read in my previous post, I released my first product that I called ‘The Ultimate Track Day Guide’. This was basically a collection of the best of BTDH packaged into one complete, comprehensive guide.

Releasing the product was a huge deal for me. As I said a while back, it was something that was always reserved for ‘someday’ (which really meant my limiting beliefs were telling me I wasn’t ready) but with a little guidance from an experienced IM’er, I pressed forward and got it done.

The first week was met with a huge high. Before the product went live I said I would be happy if I just sold 10, and after 7 days of release I had actually sold 8. I was extremely happy with this, not because I was making great amounts of money from it (I wasn’t) but because people were handing over their cash for something that I had created. It’s a special feeling.

To be selling about 1 a day was great. At some point during the day in those first 7 days, I would check my emails on my phone and see another “Notification of Payment” email from PayPal. It felt like clockwork! I started to do the numbers for selling just one a day for the rest of the month, and the outcome would have meant I blew any previous records away (again, nothing significant).

The euphoria didn’t last too long though, I have to say. The following 7 days brought just one more sale, as did the next 7 days. To say I came back to earth with a crash was an understatement, even if I did hit my 10 sales target.

In hindsight, the location of the sales should have given me an indication of what’s to come. 7 of the sales came from people that were already subscribed to my email list, and I’m sure that most of those were little ‘thank yous’ for providing them with great information (one of them told me so). So in reality I actually sold three naturally over three weeks.

To get the conversion rate up it is going to take some tweaking and testing of my site and sales funnel, as well as getting more traffic to the sales page in general. Once I have some solid metrics to work with on exactly what percentage of traffic it converts, I will look to set up an affiliate scheme, which could really be the big turning point.


This month I actually performed the outreach work that I had been meaning to do for too long. Initial reaction was quite positive. I had quite a few webmasters come back to me saying that love my site and they would love to share it with their members/readers and I have gained a number of backlinks as a result. Some have agreed to exchange some content (and a link), and one guy actually invited me to be a guest speaker during one of their charity events! It scares the crap out of me if I’m honest, but it’s something I definitely plan on doing in the future when I can beat those public speaking fears down to the ground (I’m working on it).

Changing Domain

Something I’ve been thinking of doing for a little while now is change my site from a to a .com to put me more on a global footing. I know the subject matter is popular worldwide because I’ve had correspondence from every continent, so this is the start of my strategy to go global with the site and make it easier to access for people all over the globe.

I was concerned about losing my search engine rankings, but from what I can make out there shouldn’t be too much lost from a UK standpoint, and I ultimately hope to benefit from more global traffic. I will report my findings on this as soon as I notice any changes.

Time for some stats!

BTDH Traffic:

Visits – 6428 (+1445)

Visits from Search Engines – 4032 (+697)

Number of Keywords – 1225 (+76)

Visits by Referral – 689 (+174)

Bounce Rate – 66.35% (-0.1%)

BTDH Revenue:

Affiliate Income – $160.34 (£-28.03)

eBook Sales – $302

BTDH Total – $462.36 (+$273.98)

I’ve also got one niche site from my very early days of Internet Marketing that still makes a bit of money. It’s a purely product based site in the motorcycle clothing niche. I’ll include it here while it’s still alive. It hasn’t been touched for about 2 years and traffic is dropping fast, but while it’s still making money, it counts as income :P

Clothing Niche Site

Affiliate Revenue: $127.18

Total Business Revenue: $589.54

While I won’t be leaving my job based on that figure, it is a healthy chunk more than I’ve earned previously and it shows me that I can actually make money doing this (it’s taken long enough!), but I’ve not even scratched the surface at this point and there is so much more to be gained. I just have to go out and get it.

Hiho Silver, awaaaaaay!

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