How 2012 went. How 2013 is going to go.

Here I want to detail fairly briefly how I feel my 2012 has gone, as well as some of the steps I would like to see myself taking in 2013.

How 2012 Went…

As you may have read on my about page, my internet marketing efforts from then end of 2009 when I started, through to the end of 2011 were a very inconsistent affair.

The general gist was I would work for a good chunk of time, see that the results didn’t come quick enough, get despondent and the work rate would hit the flow (if not stop all together) for a little while – sometimes for months at a time. This went on for a good two years while I tried to bluff my way to affiliate marketing success.

At the start of 2012 I decided that a change needed to be made. I got serious about my presence on the internet and I had an urge to create something of value that people would be happy to find. I decided this partly because of the outlook of internet marketing at the time and the way it was headed, but I also wanted to be proud of what I had done and wanted to be able to say I made a difference to people’s lives.

Apart from creating this different type of site (authority site as it has now become known) my only real goal for 2012 was to be able to say that my head was in the game for the whole year. Whereas in years past I could have gone weeks, sometimes months without even thinking about internet marketing, for 2012 I wanted to be able to say that my head was well and truly in the game week in week out.

While I can admit my effort levels haven’t been at 100% the whole time, there has not been any period of time (except maybe holidays away) where I haven’t had my head either thinking, reading/learning about, or working on my internet marketing efforts.

So I feel I can comfortably say for 2012 I have achieved my goal.

What I want from 2013…

However, now’s not the time to start thinking of myself as some uber productive I.M. hero, far from it.

I have indeed stepped up a level from previous years, but I know I’m not where I want or need to be in order to make the life for myself that many dream of (and I’m not just talking about money).

For 2013 I want to take things more seriously, thinking of my actions as building the foundations of a business, looking for different ways to capture and keep people attention but also convert that attention into money, rather than just sporadically throwing up content and hoping for the best.

If I have to level my efforts of what I have done to make my main authority site a success – where 1 would be a spammy thin affiliate site and 10 would be Gamespot for example – I’d say I’m currently sitting at a 3.

I have many more pages than a spammy affiliate site, and if I do say so myself the vast majority of it is very useful and worthwhile information, but as I alluded to moments ago all I’ve done is throw content up and hope for the best.

I haven’t touched social networking, I haven’t made videos (something that would be useful in my niche), I haven’t created or started to create any products, I haven’t created an incentive for my email list, I haven’t networked with others in my space, I haven’t used the community I’m currently involved with to my advantage. These are some of the things I know I should be doing if I want to stand the best chance of making this site a success, but they are things I simply haven’t done, always thinking to myself “that’s something for the future”, when in reality it’s more a case of a multitude of limiting beliefs stopping me from doing them.

2013 is when I want this to change. I could well be pursuing the wrong niche and some of these things might not work, but until I have exhausted these avenues (among others I have in mind) then how can I ever really say this is the wrong niche. Just like the kid that says something is horrible before they’ve eaten it, the truth is you don’t know until you try.

So 2013 is my year of trying. This time next year I’ll either be sitting here saying “look at all these monies”, or I’ll be saying “Bike Track Days Hub didn’t work, but I gave it a good go.”

As a mini side project, I have a small affiliate site that promotes motorcycle leathers that was the first site I created when I got involved with affiliate marketing. Ironically my little “test the waters” site is actually the one that has made the most money out of all of my internet marketing efforts to date.

It is currently sitting at around 50 articles and hasn’t been touched since June 2011. However in August this year the site earned me £200 in commission (normally averaging between £60-£120 across the season) which got me thinking that maybe if I put a bit more time into the site and get some more content up, I can push this number higher up to help me reach my £1000 target I’ve been aiming for since I started.

I won’t expect a hell of a lot from this site, and it will be more of a test than anything else, but I would like to think with a bit more content and a tidy up I could see some gains in the commissions department.

So that’s me for the next year. It’s not going to be easy, but is anything worth having ever easy to obtain? Here’s to a great 2013 and a year of goals set and expectations met.

Good luck to everyone and I hope you too have a great 2013.

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