Devastating events. Tough times. Moving Forward.

My 2013 didn’t quite start in the flurry of work that I had envisaged when writing the previous post.

Our family was struck by the devastating loss of my mother at the beginning of January after her long fight with cancer. This obviously meant that my internet marketing efforts completely took a back seat, and with everything that follows an event like this, it made sure it stayed there.

It wasn’t until after the funeral at the start of February that we could start to rebuild our lives and try to get back to some sort of normality.

It was through February that I attempted to build my momentum back up and really get things moving again. If there’s anything the death of my beloved mum has taught me is that life might not quite pan out the way you want and in some cases be cut short, which has left me feeling more than ever that NOW is the time to make this internet dream a reality.

The state of play

Over December and January I saw a drop off in traffic on Bike Track Days Hub, but this was to be expected. Track days are very seasonal and there’s not a lot of them going on during winter in the UK.

In February though things looked more encouraging; I noticed a considerable boost in traffic over the previous two months, and after a quick check in webmaster tools I could see that impressions were up a good deal more, showing I had been given an injection of Google love, which has sustained through the whole month. Here are some brief stats for you:

Visits: 1191

New Visits: 957

Visits from SE’s: 915

Number of Keywords: 449

Avg. Page Views: 3.33

Avg. Time on Site: 04:19

Avg. Time on Page: 02:20

Bounce Rate: 62.13%


Ebay Partner Network: £21.72

Not figures that’ll set the world alight, but being that the season doesn’t really kick off until April I’m feeling good about the future.

What I’ve been doing

Content writing being a given, I’ve finally put together a content plan that will see me through to July, with a list of articles to write and their associated keywords already picked. This should mean a little less time thinking of stuff to write and researching it.

I’ve also started work on my first ebook which will be a free offer to act as an email list incentive. I’ve picked the topic and brainstormed and laid out the exact points I’m going to cover. All I need to do now is start writing it. I’m hoping to have that completed in a month or two. I feel confident once that’s in place I’ll see a marked improvement in sign-ups (currently about 1-2 p/month).

Next month

March will see me marching (see what I did there?!?!) on with my content strategy, continuing with work on my ebook, and also getting a bit more social and contacting other sites in my space to drum up some traffic, links and interest.

I’ve also thought about outsourcing some work for one of my dormant niche sites so I can start adding more content to it, but this isn’t a priority and something I’ll look at during whatever spare time I have.

Other than that it’s simply onwards and upwards for me. As much as the loss of my mum has devastated me and my family, she wouldn’t want me to sit around moping doing nothing with myself, so I’m not going to!

All the best to everyone in March.

Much love.

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