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Highs, Lows, and Pressing On

If you have read my last few posts you’ll know that things have been very exciting for me in recent weeks. The release of my product was a big turning point for me and my business, not necessarily from an

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I’ve released my first product!

My last authority site update told that in recent weeks my attention had been solely fixed on getting my product to market. I can happily say that as of the 7th August, the product went live! It’s crazy to think

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The Benefits of Direction

I’ve been at this internet marketing game for about four years now – taking things more seriously at the start of 2012 – and in all that time I have been feeling my way through what to do, and while

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Devastating events. Tough times. Moving Forward.

My 2013 didn’t quite start in the flurry of work that I had envisaged when writing the previous post. Our family was struck by the devastating loss of my mother at the beginning of January after her long fight with cancer. This

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How 2012 went. How 2013 is going to go.

Here I want to detail fairly briefly how I feel my 2012 has gone, as well as some of the steps I would like to see myself taking in 2013. How 2012 Went… As you may have read on my

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Quick Introduction

Hi all, This is just a quick intro to me and this blog (you can read more on my about page). I started internet marketing back in 2009 creating affiliate websites (niche and mirco niche sites), but with a lack

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