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I’ve released my first product!

My last authority site update told that in recent weeks my attention had been solely fixed on getting my product to market. I can happily say that as of the 7th August, the product went live! It’s crazy to think

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My First Traffic Spike!

Ok, it’s not huge, but it’s a spike nonetheless, so I’ll take it! I’ve been dabbling with Google+ in recent weeks, joining communities, getting involved in the biker online space. Until this point though I had only posted my articles

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This, makes it worth it!

 Just a quick one to show people what comes from putting in the effort and creating great content. Again like my post last month about a couple of feel good moments, I had another one a couple of days ago

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It’s the little things

With this being my first stab at creating a website that adds value to the internet and people’s lives and with the site still being in its infancy, it’s fair to say this is a pretty new experience for me

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