Authority Site Update (November 2012)

Hey all,

There’s not going to be a whole lot to this update as not a lot has happened in the last 4 weeks. November seems to have flown by and if I’m honest there hasn’t been a whole lot done to the site to get me any closer to my goal (this is a problem I know I have, but I will go into more detail in my 2012 roundup coming soon).

So let’s dive right in to it…

Things that happened in November

My stats dropped off a little bit this month, but I expected it. Track days are a very seasonal activity here in the UK, with the bulk of the activity taking place between April and October. You can still get on a track day almost throughout the whole of winter, but they are few a far between and most people will be tucking their bikes up towards the end of October. For this reason I was fully expecting some sort of decrease in traffic. Here is November’s stats:

Visits: 919 (-114)

New Visits: 663 (-85)

Return Visits: 294 (+9)

Visits from SE’s: 627 (-120)

Number of Keywords: 312 (-66)

Visits by Referal: 120 (+9) (true referral traffic this time, woo!)

Direct Visits: 172 (-3)

Avg. Page Views: 3.08 (+0.04)

Avg. Time on Site: 04:19 (+3sec)

Avg. Time on Page: 02:04 (-1sec)

Bounce Rate: 66.49% (+2.99%)


- Ebay Partner Network: £11.55 (+£1.27)

- Adsense: £3.22 (+£0.26)

- Amazon Associates: £1.32 (-£0.60)

- Total: £16.09 (+£0.93)

As you can see the numbers have tapered off a bit, the biggest hit coming from the Search Engines. My theory is people aren’t going to as many (if any) track days so they’re not as focused on the subject and so don’t have as big a need for information on it, hence the lesser number of searches.

Something encouraging though is that direct traffic stayed largely the same and referral traffic actually increased, effectively by more than shows above too as last month 50% of referral traffic came from Sunil’s blog, whereas this month I only had 5 visits from Extra Money Blog and about 60% from forums related to my niche. It’s encouraging because I can see that in the future when I’m getting more referrals and my email list is bigger, I can live safe in the knowledge that my traffic won’t completely dry up in the winter months.

The on going bounce rate issue is still on going…..sigh. As you can see above my bounce rate actually went up this month, BUT on a brighter note it seems the mobile version of the site did make a difference with mobile traffic bounce rate going from 72% down to 68%. For some reason though the bounce rate across all traffic has gone up, so there’s more that needs to be done clearly.

I had another few people contact me to give me feedback on the site, basically telling me how helpful they find my content and they’re happy a site like this has been made (there’s nothing else like it at the time of writing). Two people contacted me as a result of content they had received by email, whereas the third person used the contact form. I think this is great because he obviously had a big urge to get in touch where the others would have been prompted in the emails. I wasn’t sure how I would feel about emails like this after the first, but I can honestly say each one feels as good as the last. Keep em coming, world.

What I want to do in December

I could pretty much copy and paste this from last month really. As I said at the start I haven’t got a whole lot done this month with regards to my site and I know it’s a problem.

I’ve definitely got some productivity issues I need to get ironed out. I seem to be able to waste obscene amounts of time and not really get a lot done. At the moment I feel it’s a lack of time management/planning that’s letting me down. I sit down with the mentality that it’s time to work, but without a plan to follow I just seem to do very little. I know it’s in me because I absolutely crushed it in October, I just need a system to bring that part out of me on a monthly basis.

So apart from doing what I should have done in November, I want to get myself into a system of planning and working that gets results and doesn’t end up wasting a multitude of hours and days on diddly squat. Any advice GLADLY welcome.

With that then, I’d best great cracking.

Good luck for December all.

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2 comments on “Authority Site Update (November 2012)
  1. Joe says:

    Hi Dan. Looks like we are still in a similar place in terms of site development and wasting time/not being productive.

    As you might know from my blog, I’ve written about 50 posts for my big site in the past six months but I am aiming to write another 50 by the end of the year.

    I’ve set this ambitious (for me) target and posted it on a few places on the net so other people know about it. This has helped me stick to it (so far). Also writing it down on paper with how many posts are left to write and how many days are left ensures I can see my progress whenever I am at home, not just when the computer is on.

    I’ve also been using the Pomodoro method to keep my time more focused and stop wasting time reading online and pretending to be working.

    Also I’ve started using Keyword Researcher to generate article titles quickly. Then I pick about 10 titles from the list, and these are the next 10 articles I write. This way, when it comes to sitting down and writing there are no distractions as the article titles are there waiting for me. You could just use Google Keyword Tool for this too.

    These little things have helped me write much more in November in December than I’ve done for months and months.

    I’m not sure if its possible to flip a switch and become more productive or whether it is a case of doing lots of little things to help, until it becomes habit.

    I see you’ve listened to the Ian McConnell Train Guy podcast. I think your track day site falls into a similar niche and could be perfect for a monthly membership service. Email the guy and ask him, see what he thinks, he is helpful and gives advice.

    But are you not worried about the niche only being ‘hot’ for a couple of months a year?

    Good luck for the last few weeks of the year!


  2. Dan says:

    Hey Joe,

    50 articles does sound like a big target to me, but I still work full time so understandingly so.

    I’m interested to read about the Pomodoro method, as I certainly need something to get me focused. I think you’re right, I don’t think there’s a switch to flip, I think it’s a case of finding a process of working that works for you personally, something I’m still searching for.

    What I’m going to do now is actually map out a content plan. Up till now I’ve just winged it and just wrote whatever is next on my list, or what I felt like writing about, but instead now I want to plan/map out my info content (guide type stuff) and money content (product reviews, guides to different products, top 10s) in such a way where the content has structure and flow.

    I need to find ways to funnel traffic to the affiliates, but gone are the days when you could put an affiliate link on every page, so now I’ll write a helpful guide post that links to one or more money pages. So for your site it would be something like a kettle bell exercise guide which will have a few links to a top 5 kettle bells product page for example.

    Reading your latest income report, I too have doubts about my niche (I would guess it’s probably quite common for people in our position), wondering if I haven’t picked a hungry enough crowd, and reading through Ian’s content it doesn’t make me feel that great with the direction I’ve taken to be honest.

    However, I’ve read so many blog posts and listened to so many podcasts to know that you can make money in almost any niche online. I think it was on SPI I actually found a podcast of someone who’s making good money from a site talking about scrapbooks for crying out loud! So like you, while I have doubts at times, I’m gonna see this through until I can say I really have tried to make it work. If we keep ditching projects early, we’ll never know if they could have made it. Worst case scenario is it doesn’t make any money, but at least we know what not to do next time.

    What’s encouraging though is that I have a few ways open to me to make money from it, like classifieds, directories, ad space, ebooks, maybe even memberships. So there’s a few avenues I can try to make this work.

    I’m not too worried about the lack of track days in the winter months. If anything it could work to my advantage! I know from experience in the forums that people are scratching the walls during the winter months waiting for the warmer days to come back around and activity on the forums tend to actually rise because everyone is at home trying to get their ‘fix’ of track days, so while less people will be actively searching for specific information at the SE’s, I think people would be happy to see new content on the site, or hitting their inbox. It’s all theory mind, but time will tell I guess.

    Have you emailed Ian then? I had thought about it but didn’t want to take the piss asking for advice and not going through his coaching program.

    Didn’t expect this reply to be so long, sorry about that haha!

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