Authority Site Update (May 13)

Here is last months progress for my authority site:

Overall I’m pretty happy with how May has gone for my authority site.

Here’s what my traffic stats looked like for May 2013:

This Month Diff. to Last Month
Visits 3682 +578
New Visits 2614 +340
Return Visits 1068 +238
Visits from SE’s 2533 +637
Number of Keywords 933 +182
Visits by Referral
359 -202
Direct Visits 790 +143
Page Views 10201 +1747
Avg. Page Views 2.77 +0.05
Avg. Time on Site 04:31 +30secs
Avg. Time on Page 02:33 +13
Bounce Rate 64.10% +0.6%

Goings on in May

On a content creation front I waned a little last month. I usually aim to put up one article a week at the very least, but I only managed to get three up in total. However, there is a good reason for this.

eBook is live!

I made one big push in the first half of the month to complete my eBook for my newsletter. The eBook is titled “37 Tips to Become a Better Track Rider”, and essentially I have picked out 37 of the best track riding tips and put them into quick,bite sized chunks so people can learn from and implement them immediately. I was confident this would be something that my audience would appreciate.  I had pretty much completed the actual content side of it, but as I expected what comes after did take longer than I thought. Next I had to:

  • Proof read it (I probably did this about 50 times!)
  • Add links and pictures to it
  • Format it so it looked fancier than a bog standard Word doc
  • Create a front cover
  • Adjust the messages in my follow up emails
  • Create a dedicated sign up page (I will use this to send people to at the end of all my content)

All of which took me a good few days to sort out. I was having some formatting issues with my opt in box too which slowed me a little, but anyway, the eBook ended up going live on the 20th. Did I notice much difference? I’d say so, yes.

To give you an idea, in April I received a total of 7 sign ups to my newsletter. In the 12 days from the 20th to the 31st I received 15 sign ups. In fact, through both March and April I received 15 sign ups, which as you can see I managed in the last 12 days of May, so I’m pretty happy! I don’t really know how good these figures are, but if you had offered me an average of more than one sign up a day I would have bitten your hand off. I’m looking forward to seeing how I get on over the whole month of June.

Where I’m leaving traffic/money on the table

While I’m pretty happy with my search engine traffic and my email opt-in rate, where I’m falling down massively at the moment is in referrals. I know in myself that for a website like mine I should be getting more traffic from referral visits than I should SEs, and it’s my lack of effort on the social marketing front that is the culprit, which is something I intend to change in June. I will be sampling a social/link building tool in June that everyone is raving about, but I wont talk about it until I really have something to say.

I think part of the lack of effort in this area comes from a fear of rejection and people telling me “I haven’t got a clue what I’m talking about”, something that I’m going to need to get over if I plan on boosting my referral traffic. I’ve not once heard someone bad mouth my content, and I’ve had numerous emails thanking me for putting the site together, so I really need to just bite the bullet and start spreading the word. Safe to say at the end of June I hope to be looking at some much improved referral visit stats!


While earning money from the site is in my mind most of the time, I am by no means aggressively trying to make money at this stage. My content is made up of about 70% info articles and 30% product/affiliate articles. This ratio will change over time, but right now I want to build the site into a complete resource, nothing more. Anyway, here’s the site’s earnings for May:

Ebay Partner Network : £48.71 / $75.29

Google Adsense: £4.85 / $7.50

Amazon Associates: £0.58 / $0.90

SportBikeShop: £8 / $12.37

Total: £62.14 / $96.05 (-£22.52 / -$34.81)

I’m not too worried about the site’s earnings at this point for the reasons above, and while it in no way compensates me for the time I’ve put it, part of me feels good seeing a little bit of money coming in……even if it is only a tank of fuel for the car!

June Goals

In June I want to get more content on the site. Now the eBook is done and out the way I have no excuses on that front. I also want to concentrate a lot of my efforts on boosting the referral traffic for the site. As I said, I know it’s an area where I’m leaving traffic on the table. Other than that I won’t be doing a lot else for this site in June as there are some other things I want to concentrate on for my business.

Have you got an authority site? Tell me about it. As a newbie I’d love to hear your experiences!

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