Authority Site Update (June 13)

Here’s last months progress for my authority site:

An extremely late one this, and that’s because towards the end of June and all of July I have been working pretty hard in different areas of the site. However, I won’t get into that now, as I want to save that for an imminent post.

Let’s look at the stats for June then.

This Month Diff. to Last Month
Visits 4351 +669
New Visits 3241 +627
Return Visits 1110 +42
Visits from SE’s 3012 +479
Number of Keywords 1017 +84
Visits by Referral
455 +96
Page Views 12146 +1945
Avg. Time on Site 04:30 -1 sec
Bounce Rate 64.81% +0.71%

As you can see the traffic is continuing to go in the right direction, not by leaps and bounds, but the right direction nonetheless.

June saw me writing four pieces of content, aiming for a consistent one a week. While in the past I have attempted to write more than one a week, I think I’ve decided that one a week is a good interval for the type of content I write.

The vast majority of my content is very info heavy, so I feel that because of the large quantity of good information readers are getting from each of my posts each week, this is a good interval for readers and won’t have them feeling deprived.

eBook and Subscribers – Big Changes!

As I said at the beginning of last month, I had not long had my free ‘opt-in incentive’ eBook go live. Straight away I saw a boost in subscribers, going from about 6-8 a month, to 6-8 a week. At this point I was really chuffed, but what I didn’t realise is that there was so much more to go…

Back in the middle of June, I contacted Ian McConnell over at In My Home Office to ask for a little bit of advice, because while I am always working on my site, I felt I was lacking any sort of real direction, and I wasn’t sure what the future held (if there was one) for my site.

Well, it turns out the decision to contact Ian was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made since I started Internet Marketing. Ian agreed to give me a site critique, after which I got a wealth of information about how I can improve my site, as well as some much needed direction (that direction will be revealed in a post very soon).

Anyway, the critique brought me some brilliant advice on my opt-in funnel, which resulted in a complete overhaul of my banner that links to my opt-in squeeze page, and the squeeze page itself.

This has meant another boost in my opt-in rate. Before the changes I was seeing 0-2 sign ups a day, now I am seeing between 2-5 a day, and on one occasion had 6.

I’m told there’s more to go, but right now I’m very happy with the opt-in rate, and my list is growing quite nicely with minimal unsubscribes.

I’ve also set up an autoresponder sequence (currently sitting at about 60 messages) that directs subscribers to nearly all my previous content. This will be a good way to recirculate traffic back through my site.

The current interval is one a day, but I’ve had a couple of people say this is too much, so I’m undecided if I’ll keep it set to that interval. It’ll just be a case of keeping an eye on the unsubscribe rate.


Here’s what I earned from the site in June:

Ebay Partner Network : £91.75 / $141.14

Amazon Associates: £4.42 / $6.80

SportBikeShop: £17.3 / $26.61

Total: £113.47 / $174.55 (-£51.03 / -$78.50)

Feeling good…

With a portfolio of great content building up nicely, an email list building up just as nicely, and more and more contact from readers thanking me for putting the site together, I’m feeling very good about the future for this site. Even more so after I complete what I’m working on now…

Stay tuned for more info on what’s to come from Bike Track Days Hub.

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