Authority Site Update (July 2013)

Here’s last months progress for my authority site:

As I stated in my last post, having a new sense of direction has done wonders for my motivation levels and as a result I have been very productive in recent weeks. It’s getting to a stage now where I can really see my dream of earning a full time income from the internet coming into view. While I haven’t got the earnings to back that up, things are looking very bright for my immediate future.

This Month Diff. to Last Month
Visits 4983 +632
New Visits 3638 +397
Return Visits 1345 +132
Visits from SE’s 3335 +323
Number of Keywords 1149 +132
Visits by Referral
515 +60
Page Views 13769 +1623
Avg. Time on Site 04:18 -12 sec
Bounce Rate 66.45% +1.64%

I’m continuing to see good signals from a stats point of view. As they have been for a good few months now, they are creeping up slowly. To be honest I haven’t really worked directly on the site or marketed it in any way, the above is just a case of natural progression. Like I said in my previous post, my attention has been largely focused on getting a product to market.

There’s not really much else to detail from a goings on point of view because as I said, my attention has been on my product. However I am going to be covering the goings-on with that in a imminent post, so I’ll close this one out with my earnings for July.


Here’s what I earned from the site in July:

Ebay Partner Network : £73.73 / $114.28

Amazon Associates: £4.30 / $6.66

SportBikeShop: £43.54 / $67.49

Total: £121.57 / $188.43 (+£8.10 / +$13.88)

Stay tuned for more details on my product release. I won’t tell you anything now, only that my August income report is going to look different to July’s.

Exciting times ahead!

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