Authority Site – One Year On

Well that went quick didn’t it? It feels like only yesterday I was submitting my site to the search engines and wondering what might come of it.

If truth be told, I had high expectation of how much and how quickly I would be earning from the site when I first started, but what (relatively) inexperienced newbie doesn’t?

Things have changed a lot in the last year or two in internet marketing. With the monumental changes that came to Google’s algorithms, the focus on how to make a successful site has shifted even more towards adding value to the internet and building an audience. Something that takes more time than I had first anticipated.

It feels good to have worked on this site for a whole year. Even though I started internet marketing at the tail end of 2009, I dipped in and out of it as I dealt with my bad procrastination and mind-set habits that always had me stalling. So to sit here and say I have worked on this site in some way week in and week out is a bit of a big deal for me, and while I’ve not yet reached the heights of some of the uber productive IM’ers out there, I’m still happy.

The stats

Usually I just post the previous months stats, but when looking at my spreadsheet it made me feel great to see what the site is doing today compared to what it did in its first month. Something you might be interested to see.






New Visits



Return Visits



Visits from SE’s



Number of Keywords



Visits by Referral



Direct Visits



Page Views



Avg. Page Views



Avg. Time on Site



Avg. Time on Page



Site Revenue



I know there are people that have achieved so much more in much less time, but again being what I would consider to be inexperienced, it feels good to look at these numbers and know they are all a result of what I have done myself sitting at my desk in my bedroom.

Not to mention the numerous emails I have had from people all over the world telling me how my content has helped them, as well as seeing the social figures creeping up and a steady newsletter sign ups. These are people that are subscribing to and sharing content I have written! It’s so damn satisfying.

March goings on

My main focus in March was to continue writing content and to get cracking with a free ebook for my newsletter. I took some advice from Perry over at SEO Sherpas and put together a real simple content strategy that I have been following. This has helped a lot when it comes to cracking on with the next piece of content.

I’ve also nearly completed the first draft of my ebook. I’ve come up with a good topic to write about that I think is going to go down really well with my audience, so I should see my sign up rate increase once that’s finished and live.

Last month I also had a dabble in the social networking space. Not on Facebook or Twitter though, I was getting my head around Google+. It’s a real nifty social site and I’m already building a bit of a following in the motorcycle community. This is something I will continue to put time into, though I have to be careful as it can be a time muncher as I do really enjoy the topic of discussion.

What I want to do in April.

Continue writing content, obviously. I would like to get my ebook finished and up, but I think the finalisation of it is going to take much longer than I think in my head, so if I can just get the actual content part finished I’d be happy.

Continue making inroads on Google+ and build up the interest from the motorcycle community.

YouTube is another area I’m looking to explore in the future. I do feel deep down that it is a real untapped resource for my niche, and that if I could get a good series of videos up around my topic I would see some great results. However, for now I wouldn’t mind just planning out some potential videos I can make just to get those juices flowing.

Well that’s about it. I’m not expecting huge things from April as I’m running the London marathon on the 21st so my main focus is my training, but with the fairly modest to do list I have set out I feel I can get it done.

Best of luck to you all for April.

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2 comments on “Authority Site – One Year On
  1. Perry says:

    Hi Dan,

    Just saw this post: Glad to hear my site has helped you create a content strategy! I have a spreadsheet for each site of mine about content ideas. Helps so much in those ‘lull’ moments.

    I took a glance around your site and can’t seem to find the URL of your authority site. Have you revealed it?



    • Dan says:

      Hi Perry, so sorry for the late reply. Using this blog mainly as a diary really so don’t check back too often for comments haha.

      It was actually some advice you gave to me via email. It’s worked a treat and has given me great consistency with my content creation.

      I believe you’ve seen my site already, but either way it’s

      Right now I’m just focusing on creating great content, and while I am adding affiliate product based articles, I wouldn’t say I’m actively monetizing the site just yet.

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