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Progress & Income Report: March 2014

At the end of February I suffered a temporary setback when Aweber was hit by a DDoS attack, spoiling my plans to have Track Rider Training launched by 28th Feb. No matter. I would just push it back a week.

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Progress & Income Report: February 2014

At the start of February I had one clear goal. I would open the doors to my training course no later than the 28th February! And when I say training course, I mean Track Rider Training, which is the name

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Progress & Income Report: January 2014

January was a quiet month for me in terms of results, but it wasn’t a particularly quiet month in terms of work load. I said last month that I wanted to get my new training course somewhere close to opening,

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Progress & Income Report: December 2013

This update will be quite brief, mainly because there wasn’t an awful lot going on in December to comment about. Nevertheless, here’s what went on in December. Bike Track Days Hub (Authority Site) The reason there’s not a lot to

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3 Month Progress & Income Report 2013

My poor little blog has been neglected in recent months, but I want to set that straight now with a look at my last three month’s goings-on. Here’s what I’ve been up to. September Product (Bike Track Days Hub) With

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Highs, Lows, and Pressing On

If you have read my last few posts you’ll know that things have been very exciting for me in recent weeks. The release of my product was a big turning point for me and my business, not necessarily from an

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Progress & Income Report: August 2013

Here’s what went down in August… Bike Track Days Hub (Authority Site) Product As you may have read in my previous post, I released my first product that I called ‘The Ultimate Track Day Guide’. This was basically a collection

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I’ve released my first product!

My last authority site update told that in recent weeks my attention had been solely fixed on getting my product to market. I can happily say that as of the 7th August, the product went live! It’s crazy to think

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Authority Site Update (July 2013)

Here’s last months progress for my authority site: As I stated in my last post, having a new sense of direction has done wonders for my motivation levels and as a result I have been very productive in recent

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The Benefits of Direction

I’ve been at this internet marketing game for about four years now – taking things more seriously at the start of 2012 – and in all that time I have been feeling my way through what to do, and while

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