Hi, I'm DanMy names Dan and I’m a 25 year old guy from Essex, England.

I started online marketing back in September 2009 with my first affiliate site going live that same month – a site promoting men’s motorcycle leathers. I was so excited to get started with it all, and as you can imagine I had high hopes I was going to conquer the internet marketing landscape like so many before me. However, as many newcomers to the game eventually find out, it’s no easy business this online marketing lark and it was clear I wasn’t going to be an instant success story.

I created more sites in the same vein throughout 2010 and 2011, spending lots of time building the sites and creating the content for them, but with the lack of results I was getting in both the traffic and monetary sense I knew my half-arsed approach and execution wasn’t going to be enough if I wanted to make a successful and sustainable business that would allow me to get out of full time employed and become the boss of me.

I know full well that my effort level wasn’t where it could have been, and while there are no real excuses, the fact I was young and in a very comfortable position with work, there was no real urgency to get it done NOW and I found my priorities leaning more towards socialising and going out and doing other things. I was living life in the moment, rather than thinking about my future.

At the start of 2012 I decided a change needed to be made. If I was going to achieve my dreams of financial comfort and freedom I had to change my mindset and the way I worked. I can’t say I suddenly turned into Richard Branson, but things are getting better and they will get better still.

I’ve made this blog purely for my own benefit and to document my quest to build freedom online, but if others learn from my experiences or even just enjoy what I write I will be a happy man.

Right enough chat. Thanks for reading people.


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