Progress & Income Report: March 2014

At the end of February I suffered a temporary setback when Aweber was hit by a DDoS attack, spoiling my plans to have Track Rider Training launched by 28th Feb.

No matter. I would just push it back a week.

The extra week actually helped me in the end because it meant I could tweak my pre-launch material.

Importance of Pre-Launch

When I say pre-launch, I mean the week when you only reveal the site to you subscribers, in a sort of VIP launch phase.

Even before the first day of the launch week I was warming up my subscribers and getting them excited. I did this through a three day story which touched on all the pain points that riders experience when trying to improve.

I made sure I tapped into every emotion that I had felt as I was trying to improve. The pain, frustration, joy and satisfaction to really reach them on a personal level.

It worked a treat and I had numerous emails over the three days with people telling me how much my story sounded just like them.

I was engaging people, and they were excited.

The day came when I actually opened the doors, and over the first two days I had 12 people sign up. A few days later I sent out another email reminding people and I had a few more, then on the final day of the VIP launch I had another few after one final email.

In the end I had 20 people sign up.

With my list being fairly small, of the 35% of people on my list that clicked through to the sales page, 5% of those people signed up.

While the amount of sign ups isn’t huge, I like the percentages, and it gives me a good based to work from.

After chatting through my results with Ian McConnell from In My Home Office, I am confident I can really make a success of this.

Priority number one is to get more traffic through the sales funnel to test and tweak it, then when it’s somewhere close to where I want it to be I will look to put as much traffic through it as I can through PPC and affiliate partners.

Exciting times ahead for Track Rider Training!

Nothing to tell you about Bike Track Days Hub. As you can imagine my focus has been 100% on TRT, but like I said once that’s settled and I’m happy with how it’s going I’ll look to implement a Facebook strategy, because that is going to act as a great feeder for the TRT machine.

Business Income

With the membership site launching, I was confident I would see higher figures than previous months. Let’s see what happened.

BTDH Earnings:

Affiliate Income – $427.71 (+$177.83)

eBook Sales – $383.54 (+$94.85)

BTDH Total – $811.25 (+$272.68)

TRT Earnings:

New Members: $309.29

Clothing Niche Site

Affiliate Revenue: $0 (-$0)

Gross Income - $1,120.54

Expenses – $96.31

Net Income – $1024.23 (+$663.65)

Now we’re getting somewhere!

A healthy boost in all areas. Added to that is my new income stream, so things are looking better.

Being a UK lad, my first income target has always been £1000, but to see four figures, even if it is in dollars, still feels totally awesome!

It’s still far away from where I want to be long term, but it just fills me with belief that I can make this internet marketing thing work for me.

And knowing that I’ve only just scratched the surface brings yet more excitement.

But this is no time to rest on my laurels. Launching the membership site was just the beginning. You may even call it the easy bit.

Now it’s about constant testing and tweaking to get more and more customers on the inside, all the while keeping my current members happy by keeping the quality of content high.

If I can do that, then my earnings should continue to rise and rise. And hopefully rise some more!

Let’s get to work.


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Progress & Income Report: February 2014

At the start of February I had one clear goal.

I would open the doors to my training course no later than the 28th February!

And when I say training course, I mean Track Rider Training, which is the name I decided on.

I wrote it down on my calendar and I went to work.

I had a (long) list of things I needed to get done, and one by one, little by little I got them done.

I wanted this monkey off my back and to complete something I should have completed weeks/months previously.

I got the content completed in good time. I had all four weeks done and proof read, ready to be uploaded onto the site once I got it up and running.

Each new stage threw up another reason for my limiting beliefs to kick in. There’s a lot more that goes into setting up a membership site than you would imagine.

Setting up wordpress, installing a membership suite, configuring it, setting up and autoresponder to deliver the content, payment processors, pre-launch copy, launch copy, sales letters, squeeze pages etc etc.

To look at a list of things that needed doing as long as my arm certainly didn’t help with my typically nature of procrastination.

But as we know, the best way to eat an elephant is one bite as a time. So that’s what I did. At least one thing each day to move me closer to getting the doors open.

And come the end of the month I had everything ready to go. Site set up and configured, Aweber set up to deliver the content, Clickbank to deal with payments. I was ready.

Then, on the VERY DAY I was due to send out the pre-launch material, Aweber had a DDoS attack, rendering it unusable for the next 3 days!

At first, I was gutted. I had missed my target.

But then the more I thought about it, the more I was fine with it. Because I set the date it meant I got to work and got things done. And it wasn’t even my fault anyway. I missed the date, but it was because of a technical difficulty.

So the launch was postponed a week. But that story will have to wait until next month ;)

Bike Track Days Hub News

While I was once again working away at getting Track Rider Training all set up towards the end of the month, I noticed the frequency of subscribers increasing considerably.

At times I was getting subscribers every few minutes!

I headed straight over to Anayltics to see if it would give me some clue as to what was going on. I was surprised at what I found.

SpikeA big traffic spike!

Upon closer inspection, I could see that one of my posts had been shared on Facebook by a popular manufacturer of motorcycle tyre warmers.

This then prompted a massive sharing frenzie which lead to the above traffic spike.

Facebook is not something I have actively pursued, even though I knew it was something I needed to get involved with.

This was a massive kick up the arse, and as soon as Track Rider Training is launched and stable, I will be devising a Facebook strategy for my business.

Business Income

So that’s about it for February. Let’s look at what it meant for my bottom line.

BTDH Earnings:

Affiliate Income – $249.88 (-$97.83)

eBook Sales – $288.69 (+$92.21)

BTDH Total – $538.57 (-$15.69)

Clothing Niche Site

Affiliate Revenue: $0 (-$0)

Gross Income - $538.57

Expenses – $177.99

Net Income – $360.58 (-$154.98)

As you can see, the gross income wasn’t too far off last month.

Affiliate earnings dropped back down, but due to a boost in eBook sales in meant things stayed roughly where they were last month.

However, I had more expenses in February, due mainly in part to things I needed in order to set up Track Rider Training. Plus I had a couple of domain renewals too.

All in all I’m happy that for another month where I did little to increase income, it stayed largely the same.

And with my training course on the horizon, I’m confident things will go in the direction I want!

Bring it on!


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Progress & Income Report: January 2014

January was a quiet month for me in terms of results, but it wasn’t a particularly quiet month in terms of work load.

I said last month that I wanted to get my new training course somewhere close to opening, so that’s exactly what I worked on doing.

I wanted to have the first four weeks of content completed to give myself a head start and so I wasn’t instantly rushing to get the next weeks content out.

Being the perfectionist I am though it took me longer than it should have to get the content completed, and by the end of January I only had two weeks worth of content completed.

Launching a membership site is a scary thing, and I was petrified that people were going to give me abuse for asking them to pay for my information, so I was taking my sweet time so it was damn good.

As a result, Bike Track Days Hub well and truly went on the back burner. So much so that I had zero input in the site and it was just left ticking along.

That means that I have little else to tell you, other than what I made last month.

Business Income

Being that January is still a quiet month for track days, I wasn’t expecting things to get much better than last month.

I was pleasantly surprised to see a small increase nonetheless, helped by an increase in affiliate earnings.

BTDH Earnings:

Affiliate Income – $357.78 (+$209.33)

eBook Sales – $196.48 (+$39.48)

BTDH Total – $554.26 (+$248.81)

Clothing Niche Site

Affiliate Revenue: $0 (-$16.6)

Gross Income - $554.26

Expenses – $38.70

Net Income – $515.56 (+$193.51)

For a month where I didn’t do any work to improve my business, it’s nice to see the income going up, instead of down.

For now, it’s just a case of continuing to get the content finished so I can get the doors open to my membership course.

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Progress & Income Report: December 2013

This update will be quite brief, mainly because there wasn’t an awful lot going on in December to comment about. Nevertheless, here’s what went on in December.

Bike Track Days Hub (Authority Site)

The reason there’s not a lot to comment about is because, quite simply, I didn’t do an awful lot.

My main focus is very much getting the doors open to my membership course, which is where most of the time spent in my business went last month. In fact, pretty much everything I did, apart from the odd bit of site content, went towards that goal.

Even so, I didn’t get too much done.

The content is taking me longer to put together than I anticipated, and all the time I’m tweaking how I’m going to position the different topics throughout the course to make it easier to follow.

Also, given the fact that you can get fantastic paper based guides for a lot less, I feel in myself that I really need to justify why mine is going to cost more (being a monthly subscription) and so I’m trying to make the content truly great and something riders can really benefit from.

That coupled with the somewhat mediocre motivation levels around Christmas meant things came along slowly.

Progress, however, was still made and I still went in the right direction.

Business Income

That’s about as much as I’ve done in December. Let’s have a look at my business income.

At this point it’s worth mentioning that for most of the people around the world that take part in track days, these months are the slowest. In the UK for example, while track days do continue, they are few and far between, and people generally avoid winter months because it’s just too bloody cold.

Having said that, I was pleasantly surprised by my site performance and income.

BTDH Revenue:

Affiliate Income – $148.45 (-$68.41)

eBook Sales – $157.0 (-$58.99)

BTDH Total – $305.45 (-$127.41)

Clothing Niche Site

Affiliate Revenue: $16.6 (-$59.28)

Total Business Revenue - $322.05 (-$186.75)

As you can see the figures have generally gone in the wrong direction, but to be honest I expected it to be worse. I still sold 7 eBooks in a month where I wouldn’t have expected to.

As for me and my motivation levels? I can safely say I’m back on track.

At the turn of the year I once again started to focus on the things that really motivate me and I have been moving full steam ahead.

By the end of January I plan to be in a position with my membership course that is somewhere close to opening.

Let’s make it happen!


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3 Month Progress & Income Report 2013

My poor little blog has been neglected in recent months, but I want to set that straight now with a look at my last three month’s goings-on. Here’s what I’ve been up to.


Product (Bike Track Days Hub)

With the product well and truly out there, all that was left to do was continue to tweak the conversion funnel that gets people there.

Something that I was making semi-regular changes to, without any massive breakthroughs worth mentioning.

Membership Course (Bike Track Days Hub)

The next step was already in the pipeline before I’d even released my product, and that was to create some sort of recurring income.

Ebooks are a great way to start making money from a site, but I was never going to build financial and occupational freedom on one ebook.

Not in my niche anyway!

So, at the start of September I started making plans for a membership site which would be a sort of ‘premium area’ where readers would get more information about motorcycle track days than they did from the free information I was already providing.

I quickly set about planning and mapping out exactly what I was going to include, and after I had finalised all the content sections I immediately started writing content.

As I got stuck right in, however I started to feel a little uneasy.

To cover everything there is to cover about track days is a big big task, and I also had this niggling feeling that if I tried to create something that was all things to all people, how difficult would it be to sell to people?

After some conferring with my new friend Ian McConnell (over at In My Home Office) I decided to scrap my plans and work on what people wanted, which was learning how to ride a motorcycle fast, and safe.

Business Income

From an income perspective I had much the same as I’d had the previous month. Here’s a mini breakdown.

BTDH Revenue:

Affiliate Income – $223.34 (+$63)

eBook Sales – $177.86 (-$124.14)

BTDH Total – $401.24 (-$61)

Clothing Niche Site

Affiliate Revenue: $118.85 (-$9)

Total Business Revenue - $520.10 (-$69.40)


Knowing the rough direction I wanted to take, I set about planning out how exactly I was going to implement such a course and exactly what I was going to include.

Once again I  moved ahead with the planning of the membership course.

With track days, the very best way to learn how to ride fast is to get private coaching.

Just as with any physical activity, getting coaching from someone who knows the ins and outs of said activity is going to yield much greater results than reading text.

With this in mind I knew I couldn’t do a better job that proper coaching (a popular method for learning in my niche) but I knew I could be the next best thing.

Coaching is very expensive, and to cover everything around riding fast would mount up to thousands in coaching fees. The logistical limits can play a part too, so I know coaching isn’t going to be for everyone.

The only other avenue for improvement is books, but with no clear information on how to implement what you’re learning, it can be very difficult to improve just by reading a book and going out and trying things to see if they work.

I’m not just creating this course to make money, I truly want to get people become faster and safer track riders.

I would look to fuse the typical literature approach, but feed it to people in a very specific way – in weekly, bite-sized chunks with instructions on how to implement it.

The general premise being that a rider would work through each lesson in sequence, by the end of which they would have reached a decent level if they follow it properly.

With that, pretty much all of my work time in October went on the planning of the course.

My income streams were still trickling in however (and going up) and this is what it netted me.

Business Income

BTDH Revenue:

Affiliate Income – $161.37 (+$61.97)

eBook Sales – $321.3 (+$143.44)

BTDH Total – $482.27 (+$81.03)

Clothing Niche Site

Affiliate Revenue: $143.25 (+$24.40)

Total Business Revenue - $625.52 (+$105.42)


My planning continued into November and my final idea was starting to come into focus, then I hit what I thought was a little snag.

I had been talking to Ian about my plans when he asked the question “Do people actually want what you’re putting together? Have you asked them?”.

My heart sank when I realised I’d fallen into the trap of assuming that everyone wants what I’m putting together.

The answers to his questions were quite obviously, no.

I then started thinking how everyone would hate the idea and I’d be back to square one, but without asking I would never know.

I contacted only those who had purchased my ebook, essentially putting to them exactly what I was planning, and asking if they would be interested.

I was pleasantly surprised by the responses.

Of the 32% of people that replied (I’m told that’s a great response rate) everyone was interested.

Some had doubts, some had reservations about the price, where as others were very excited about the idea.

One the whole though, it was a very positive response and I got some great feedback and ideas about how to proceed as well……which is nice!

After taking my findings to Ian he advised me to move on the idea, and quick!

Once again the planning, along with corresponding with readers, brought me to the end of November (I can drag my heels with planning phases, as you can probably guess).

And again, my income continued to sit in a similar area.

Business Income

BTDH Revenue:

Affiliate Income – $216.86 (+$55.50)

eBook Sales – $216 (-$105.3)

BTDH Total – $432.86 (-$50.11)

Clothing Niche Site

Affiliate Revenue: $75.88 (-$67.37)

Total Business Revenue - $508.76 (-$116.76)


I can admit that I haven’t actually got a massive amount done in the way of written work in the last three months, but what I have got is clear direction and a target to aim for.

Get the doors open!

I know what people want and I’m going to do my very best to give it to them.

What I’m creating doesn’t exist today, so if I pull it off it could be a real hit and get me a massive step closer (maybe even the final step) to getting myself out of my job so I can do this stuff full time.

With that, I hope anyone reading this has an amazing end to their year, and with it a great Christmas and New Year.

All the best to every one of you.

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Highs, Lows, and Pressing On

If you have read my last few posts you’ll know that things have been very exciting for me in recent weeks. The release of my product was a big turning point for me and my business, not necessarily from an earnings standpoint, but from a mindset one. With a little help from a new friend, I was shown that I do have the ability to create a product and put it to market.

The first couple of weeks of the product being released were great and had me on such a high. I was finally seeing solid results from all the effort I’ve put in over the first 18 months of my main site being live (Bike Track Days Hub). However, as the activity around the product dried up (and along with it any sales) I came crashing back down to the ground, leaving me in a bit of a funk it has to be said.

Beating Your Own Brain

When we get these come downs, the times when you lose a little faith, when productivity levels fall, when the future doesn’t look as bright, there is only one person that can reach down and help pull you out of the funk, and that’s you!

That is the true test on the road to success, and the test that often has 90-95% of people on the road bailing, turning around and heading back home. It is so easy for our minds to think of 101 reason why we should give up, why this or that won’t work, why our efforts are pointless. But through all of that is where you need to find that strength to keep on keeping on.


There are many factors that go into what makes someone successful, but for me, the number one factor that you must have in place is the art of persistence. Factors such as having street smarts, incredible productivity, business cunning, a brilliant mind etc will all go towards making someone successful and determine how much and how quickly success comes, but at the end of the day if you don’t stay on the road and you decide to give up at the first, second, or even forty third hurdle, none of that even matters. Cue my absolute favourite quote:

Nothing in the world can take the place of Persistence. Talent will not; nothing is more common than unsuccessful men with talent. Genius will not; unrewarded genius is almost a proverb. Education will not; the world is full of educated derelicts. Persistence and determination alone are omnipotent. The slogan ‘Press On’ has solved and always will solve the problems of the human race.

Calvin Coolidge – 30th president of US (1872 – 1933)

It really is that simple, but people just do not see it that way, no matter how many metaphors I serve them as proof.

Success is by no means instant in anything, be it sport, business, entertainment, relationships or health to name a few. Maybe that’s half the problem in today’s world of instant everything. That, coupled with the fact that your ‘average Joe’ simply won’t know what is truly possible, means that they just won’t stick with anything and will always end up stopping “three feet from gold”.

There Is Only One Outcome

Whatever it is you’re trying to achieve, there is only one outcome if you employ the power of persistence. Take my situation as a perfect example. I’ve been creating websites for many years now and while my work ethic and work rate has been well below par for far too long, meaning it is taking me longer to get the results compared to others, the one thing I have done is just keep on keeping on. And now I am on the cusp something great.

Because I personally am lacking in other areas my results haven’t been swift, but with my unbending belief in persistence in place, I am still arriving at the same point that every other marketer before me who has pressed on under all circumstances has reached.

Do you really think it’s possible to stick at something for 1, 5, 10, 20 years and not see results? Think about it. You head off on your road to success with no knowledge, but as you come to your first problem (and undoubtedly the many after it) you learn how to solve this problem and as a result learn how not to do something next time. Eventually you create your own personal ‘success formula’ on how to be successful in whatever it is that you are undertaking.

So, What Am I Gonna Do?

The activity that dried up after the first few weeks of my product launch unquestionably left me in a funk and affected productivity, but do you think that for one second I thought of throwing in the towel. Heeeelllll no!

Ok, my first product launch wasn’t a roaring success, but what did I get out of this if not money? How about learning how to create a product, build sales pages, set up automated fulfillment services, learning the true nature and structure of a sales funnel, among many other things.

These are new skills that I’ve picked up on the road to success, skills that will enable me to carve out an even more direct path to the gold pot waiting for me at the end of the road. My first product launch wasn’t a failure, it was a lesson on how not to do it next time. Nothing else.

If there’s JUST ONE thing you do as you try to make a success of your internet marketing business, it has to be this simple act…

DO NOT give up!
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Progress & Income Report: August 2013

Here’s what went down in August…

Bike Track Days Hub (Authority Site)


As you may have read in my previous post, I released my first product that I called ‘The Ultimate Track Day Guide’. This was basically a collection of the best of BTDH packaged into one complete, comprehensive guide.

Releasing the product was a huge deal for me. As I said a while back, it was something that was always reserved for ‘someday’ (which really meant my limiting beliefs were telling me I wasn’t ready) but with a little guidance from an experienced IM’er, I pressed forward and got it done.

The first week was met with a huge high. Before the product went live I said I would be happy if I just sold 10, and after 7 days of release I had actually sold 8. I was extremely happy with this, not because I was making great amounts of money from it (I wasn’t) but because people were handing over their cash for something that I had created. It’s a special feeling.

To be selling about 1 a day was great. At some point during the day in those first 7 days, I would check my emails on my phone and see another “Notification of Payment” email from PayPal. It felt like clockwork! I started to do the numbers for selling just one a day for the rest of the month, and the outcome would have meant I blew any previous records away (again, nothing significant).

The euphoria didn’t last too long though, I have to say. The following 7 days brought just one more sale, as did the next 7 days. To say I came back to earth with a crash was an understatement, even if I did hit my 10 sales target.

In hindsight, the location of the sales should have given me an indication of what’s to come. 7 of the sales came from people that were already subscribed to my email list, and I’m sure that most of those were little ‘thank yous’ for providing them with great information (one of them told me so). So in reality I actually sold three naturally over three weeks.

To get the conversion rate up it is going to take some tweaking and testing of my site and sales funnel, as well as getting more traffic to the sales page in general. Once I have some solid metrics to work with on exactly what percentage of traffic it converts, I will look to set up an affiliate scheme, which could really be the big turning point.


This month I actually performed the outreach work that I had been meaning to do for too long. Initial reaction was quite positive. I had quite a few webmasters come back to me saying that love my site and they would love to share it with their members/readers and I have gained a number of backlinks as a result. Some have agreed to exchange some content (and a link), and one guy actually invited me to be a guest speaker during one of their charity events! It scares the crap out of me if I’m honest, but it’s something I definitely plan on doing in the future when I can beat those public speaking fears down to the ground (I’m working on it).

Changing Domain

Something I’ve been thinking of doing for a little while now is change my site from a to a .com to put me more on a global footing. I know the subject matter is popular worldwide because I’ve had correspondence from every continent, so this is the start of my strategy to go global with the site and make it easier to access for people all over the globe.

I was concerned about losing my search engine rankings, but from what I can make out there shouldn’t be too much lost from a UK standpoint, and I ultimately hope to benefit from more global traffic. I will report my findings on this as soon as I notice any changes.

Time for some stats!

BTDH Traffic:

Visits – 6428 (+1445)

Visits from Search Engines – 4032 (+697)

Number of Keywords – 1225 (+76)

Visits by Referral – 689 (+174)

Bounce Rate – 66.35% (-0.1%)

BTDH Revenue:

Affiliate Income – $160.34 (£-28.03)

eBook Sales – $302

BTDH Total – $462.36 (+$273.98)

I’ve also got one niche site from my very early days of Internet Marketing that still makes a bit of money. It’s a purely product based site in the motorcycle clothing niche. I’ll include it here while it’s still alive. It hasn’t been touched for about 2 years and traffic is dropping fast, but while it’s still making money, it counts as income :P

Clothing Niche Site

Affiliate Revenue: $127.18

Total Business Revenue: $589.54

While I won’t be leaving my job based on that figure, it is a healthy chunk more than I’ve earned previously and it shows me that I can actually make money doing this (it’s taken long enough!), but I’ve not even scratched the surface at this point and there is so much more to be gained. I just have to go out and get it.

Hiho Silver, awaaaaaay!

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I’ve released my first product!


My last authority site update told that in recent weeks my attention had been solely fixed on getting my product to market. I can happily say that as of the 7th August, the product went live!

It’s crazy to think that only about 8 weeks ago, my the view on my site was vastly different, and the thought of creating a product wouldn’t come until way into the future. To be honest with you, I wasn’t feeling that great about the future of my site, not so much that nothing was happening (traffic was increasing, as was the number of thankful emails) but I just couldn’t see where I was going to make the breakthrough that was big enough to allow me to quit my full-time job.

Fast forward to today, and my feelings towards the site have gone completely 180. After some encouragement and accountability from a very prolific internet marketer, things started to happen (both physically and mentally) and I can now say that I have put my first product to market…..and it wasn’t that hard!

I’ve covered it already in previous posts, but just to give you an overview, the product is called The Ultimate Track Day Guide and it is exactly that. There is no resource like mine anywhere on the web (or in print) and being that the guide is basically a vast array of my site content packaged up into one complete guide, I feel that the title is very fitting.

It took me a good few weeks to write out what I would include, put it in order, get it into one complete document, format it and proof read it, but now that it’s done, that’s it! Those few weeks work will now earn me money for years to come, the epitome of what internet marketing is all about – Put in the work now, benefit for weeks, months, years to come.

So come on……how many sales?

Don’t expect any ‘Pat Flynn Green Exam Academy’ numbers here. I didn’t earn thousands on the first day. In fact, on the first day I didn’t earn anything at all! I can say though that in the first week I have made 8 sales, which at £19.95 a sale makes £159.60. That is already £30 more than I earned in the whole of July. Nothing major, but it feels great nonetheless!

I said just before it went live that for the first month (or rather, the rest of August) I would be happy with 10 sales, and with 16 days left to achieve 2 sales, I think it should be doable ;)

Keep an eye out for next month income report for the full picture.

Moving Forward

So, the product is now live, and my sales funnel in place. One of the first things I’m going to need to do is start bringing more traffic to the site. My newsletter (which is part of the sales funnel) and product funnel are in fairly good state regarding conversions (there’s definitely room to improve), so in theory if I can just bring more targeted traffic to the site I will get more sign ups and more sales.

Traffic generation efforts is something that has been massively lacking since the site’s conception, but that is about to change, because I now have a very real reason to get people to the site, and that is to buy my product. In the coming days I will be putting together a traffic building strategy that I want to implement as soon as possible to increase traffic and sales.

Another area that needs looking into (which will be worked on as part of the traffic building exercise) is to set up an affiliate scheme for my product. Luckily E-Junkie has a built in service for this, so it will just be a case of setting it up and pointing people towards it, all the while giving them compelling reasons to sign up.

There is just one area that concerns me still about my site, and that’s the off-season. Right now we’re at the peak of the track day season in the UK, which starts to taper off come the end of September, so it will be interesting to see what happens around this time. I do get a lot of international traffic, but largely it comes from inside the UK as you would expect.

Is this something you could do?

Do you have a site filled with information that helps readers in any way? Could this information be packaged up and placed into an all-in-one, convenient guide that new people would benefit from? Take it from me, if you’re providing a wealth of free information, there will be people that want to pay you for it. Give them a reason and a way to do that and watch what happens!

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Authority Site Update (July 2013)

Here’s last months progress for my authority site:

As I stated in my last post, having a new sense of direction has done wonders for my motivation levels and as a result I have been very productive in recent weeks. It’s getting to a stage now where I can really see my dream of earning a full time income from the internet coming into view. While I haven’t got the earnings to back that up, things are looking very bright for my immediate future.

This Month Diff. to Last Month
Visits 4983 +632
New Visits 3638 +397
Return Visits 1345 +132
Visits from SE’s 3335 +323
Number of Keywords 1149 +132
Visits by Referral
515 +60
Page Views 13769 +1623
Avg. Time on Site 04:18 -12 sec
Bounce Rate 66.45% +1.64%

I’m continuing to see good signals from a stats point of view. As they have been for a good few months now, they are creeping up slowly. To be honest I haven’t really worked directly on the site or marketed it in any way, the above is just a case of natural progression. Like I said in my previous post, my attention has been largely focused on getting a product to market.

There’s not really much else to detail from a goings on point of view because as I said, my attention has been on my product. However I am going to be covering the goings-on with that in a imminent post, so I’ll close this one out with my earnings for July.


Here’s what I earned from the site in July:

Ebay Partner Network : £73.73 / $114.28

Amazon Associates: £4.30 / $6.66

SportBikeShop: £43.54 / $67.49

Total: £121.57 / $188.43 (+£8.10 / +$13.88)

Stay tuned for more details on my product release. I won’t tell you anything now, only that my August income report is going to look different to July’s.

Exciting times ahead!

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The Benefits of Direction

DirectionI’ve been at this internet marketing game for about four years now – taking things more seriously at the start of 2012 – and in all that time I have been feeling my way through what to do, and while I have performed initial research on all of my ventures, I have never had any clear direction or end goals to aim for.

I would do some viability research for a new project, start it up, and then coast along basically winging it and expecting amazing things to happen. Even when I got more serious about making a real good go of internet marketing in 2102 and creating my bike track day authority site, I still found myself jumping in without knowing where I was really headed.

I think that has contributed to my lack of any real success in internet marketing in four….whole….years. I’ve had no direction, and no view of any sort of end goal.

Go that way Mister!

However, a series of recent events has changed that, and my new found direction has had a massive effect on my productivity and my views of the future.

A few weeks ago I contacted Ian McConnell over at In My Home Office for a little advice. At the time I was feeling like I may have made a mistake with the choices I’d made to press forward with Bike Track Days Hub.

But after a few emails back and forth and a site critique later, things were set in motion to give me some much needed direction, and some much needed motivation.

I can see the light

Like I said, I’ve never had any clear view of what could come from my efforts, and as a result I found myself simply winging it for far too long, and while I have gained an incredible amount of experience and knowledge through my efforts, it hasn’t been equally matched from a monetary standpoint.

Things are looking to change now, and after receiving some invaluable and indispensable advice from a very accomplished marketer, I feel I have a clear vision of what I need to be working towards to achieve my internet marketing goals.

And what this new found direction has done is put my productiveness into overdrive!

What’s this new direction?

There were two main things that were brought to my attention after the site critique. The first of which centered around my email list.

Up until very recently, I had only put an email subscription service in place because that was the done thing, but I now realize both the importance of creating the list, but also how to effectively leverage it.

By this I don’t mean simply turning on a sales machine and bombarding subscribers with sales pitches, but to use it to build an eager audience, while at the same time recirculating the traffic back through my site.

So, as a result of this I have recently given my email list conversion funnel a massive overhaul to improve opt-in rates, but I have also put a strategy in place to best make use of the list.

I’m creating a product!

The second thing to be brought to my attention was that I am in a great position to be able to offer my readers a product.

Creating a product is something I have always thought of doing, but it was always one of those things that was merely in the back of my mind and reserved for ‘someday’.

This has now changed.

I am following in the footsteps of many great internet marketers, such as Ian himself, or Pat Flynn, and creating a product based on the mountain of content I have already created.

Am I scared? You bet!

When this idea was originally put to me, I couldn’t help but feel scared to the point of not wanting to do it, and doubting questions filled my head.

But all the information is already available on the site? Why would people buy it? What if everyone wants a refund? What if I get abusive emails? What will people think of me?

I can easily publish my content as I am now without worry because I’m not asking for anything in return. But now I am going to be asking people for money for stuff I wrote. That’s scary!

After churning it over for a while, however, I had a moment of clarity.

‘What’s the worst that can happen?’

At worst, nobody buys it. It would be a bummer, but it sure as hell wouldn’t kill me, would it?

No. Of course not.

And even if I don’t make any money from it, at least I would have learned some valuable lessons on how to create a product and put it to market. Something I can take with me to product release number two.

So that’s what I’m going to do. Create a product. That and focus heavily on building my email list in the right way, with the right people.

And this focus on my list as well as creating my first product has got me going full steam ahead, and taught me a very valuable lesson on what direction can do for you and your productivity.

Are you lacking direction and a clear view of where you need to be headed?

I can tell you first hand that if you want to make big strides towards your goals, direction and a clear view will most certainly help you make them. A lot more than simply feeling your way in the dark, that’s for sure.

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